Safe Technology in Space

Microwaving Our Planet

If current plans for satellites are approved… It’s going to be like an interstate highway in rush hour in a snowstorm with everyone driving much too fast….Except that there are multiple interstate highways crossing each other with no stoplights. In an effort to connect every “thing”, event, and place on the planet to the internet, and to transition the world to a new model of warfare, as of May 2023, there were 7560 operational satellites orbiting Earth, with the US leading the charge at 5184. According to the journal Science, as of October 2023, over 1,000,000 applications for satellites were…
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Technology and the Military

Systems warfare relies on a vast infrastructure of satellites, cell towers, antennas, sensors, and cameras that “vacuum up” as much data as possible. The sheer quantity of data is more than humans can make sense of and that wireless bandwidth can manage. So, the data is aggregated, sorted and sifted through by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to determine what is of value, how it can be combined, and to whom it should be directed. Command and Control (still predominantly manned by humans but increasingly being outsourced to machines) then sets the parameters for the data it will need for defense or…
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