Statues join September 26th Global 5G Protest Day

September 26th is the date set for the next Global 5G Protest – A day in which we call for a stop to 5G, and demand technology that is safe for humans, the Environment, and all living beings.  A day where people voice their objection to the ever growing data-harvesting and tracking that are completely predicated on the proliferation of 5G wireless technology.

The goal is NOT to return to the “stone age” or to a world void of technology, but rather to insist on a more sustainable technological future that respects health, the Environment, and human dignity. Only then can our technology future be termed “progress”.

Events on the Global 5G Protest Day can take many different shapes, sizes, and forms — From big to small, our future depends on All! What’s needed now is to raise awareness about 5G in the face of this unprecedented technological trespass.

A brilliant and creative idea, inspired by a counter-5G advocate in Nantes, France, is to don statues with a Stop 5G Placard/Message, or (if allowed) place a Stop5G Banner across a Bridge or at a prominent Landmark.

Then take a picture and send it across the world: Post on Social Media and to the Global 5G Protest Day Facebook Group,  Send to Stop 5G International at to be shared on the website. And who knows, maybe one or more of our adorned statues will even peek the interest of some mainstream media outfit!!

(NB: After photographing, don’t forget to remove the sign or placard.)

If many people around the world perform this simple but powerful action, we can do wonders!!!

Please share this message far and wide!!


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  1. We will win. When, I do not know, but the sooner the better.

    I pray that the resultant lawsuits will bankrupt the Telecom Industry

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