Stop 5G Global Protest Day – September 2020

5G Global Protest Day – September 26th 2020

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September 2021

AROUND THE WORLD, September 26th, 2020 — In the Fourth Global 5G Protest Day of 2020, towns, cities and Islands from 25 countries rose up across the world to call for Safe Wired Technology (aka SafeG™), Not 5G. Increasingly discouraged by the lack of balanced media coverage on the harms of 5G, people are taking to the streets to voice their objection and to raise public awareness.

While scientists issue strong warnings about the harmful effects of wireless radiation, 5G is being rolled out around the world with no safety studies and largely without public knowledge or consent. 5G hopes to connect every “thing” and “event” on Earth as part of the internet of things, smart cities and smart regions. To do so will require roughly 100,000 satellites, millions of new cell tower antennas, User Terminals and a plethora of Earth-based Stations blanketing us with ever more wireless radiation.

Further at issue is the increasing loss of privacy and civil liberties predicated on the rollout of 5G; impacts on human health as well as on wildlife from yet more radiation saturating Earth and skies; 5G’s enormous e-footprint from resource extraction, energy consumption, space debris and fallout from collisions, not to mention the potential effects on the electrical circuit around Earth that sustains all life on this planet.

Protesters believe there is just too much at stake for our future to be governed by short-term interests of private corporations. Rather we should chart a course into the future that is respectful and protective of all life on Earth.

It is our hope that this day of peaceful actions has, and will continue to contribute to greater public awareness of 5G. The time is long overdue to start a dialogue about wiser technology options for a safer and more life-affirming future for all.

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