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Technocracy’s Not So Great Week? Time to Confront the Wireless and Tech Delusional Runaway Train?

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International , Image courtesy Floris Freshman

We could also call this article, “Let’s just be grateful that it was only the airlines that had bad code, and not military JEDI Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure and “full-spectrum dominance’s nuclear weapons.”

My friend has a golden retriever who borders on insanity at any opportunity to retrieve a buoy from the water. On land, she is disinterested in chasing down thrown items, but the sight of the orange buoy and the leash elicits unrestrained joy.

Yet on occasion, at the lake, she sets her sights on an unoccupied boat buoy. She will attempt the drag the object back to shore, even though it is anchored by ropes to a concrete block on the bottom of the lake.  She will pull and tug to the point of exhaustion. There have been times when her owner has had to enter freezing water to retrieve her instinct-injured retriever.

For spectators on the shoreline, the sight of the frenzied dog can sometimes elicit smiles and laughter, especially because it is clear that the dog will be rescued safely from her delusional efforts.  

But is it possible that the 5G/6G/7G/BazillionG wireless and tech industry is tracking on an endangering trajectory – of unreasoned delusional boundless pursuit, devoid of recognition of reality?

How does society respond when some segment, such as an entire industry, has lost its way? Many late lessons from early warnings demonstrate significant delays in appropriate response, on the order of decades. They also demonstrate that consequences of inaction amplify, and do not diminish.

Why are we not resilient enough to adapt more quickly in response to risks and adverse results (like tobacco, mercury, lead, asbestos) and how do we change this?

How does a sincere, earnest individual respond, in the face of societal imbalance?

Through the Looking Glass

For example, millimeter waves are being employed for “next generation” 5G telecommunications.

The article “DoCoMo Claims It Can Smash the 5G Glass Barrier” notes that “NTT DoCoMo is claiming a solution for one of the big problems that faces millimeter wave (mmWave) 5G — transmitting the high-band signal through treated low-emissivity (low-E) glass. The operator tested a new window material which allows 28GHz signals to pass through, making it suitable for unobtrusive use in the windows of buildings and vehicles, DoCoMo claims.

Millimeter Wave 5G has amazing raw speed, getting downloads of 1-gigabit plus wirelessly, but has terrible coverage range (1,000 feet to 2,000 feet) and can’t penetrate energy-saving low-E glass, as well as grass hedges and concrete walls. This means that early high-band 5G networks don’t work inside buildings, a major failing for the newest high-band cellular standard.

[] “So far, DoCoMo has only tested this technology on a small piece of prototype glass. The much larger issue is the cost of new and replacement glass that would be needed in millions of buildings around the world. It is way too early for DoCoMo to have any figures on how much it might cost to replace all existing windows with its new glass substrate, but it would doubtless be incredibly expensive!”

Why is this industry allowed to pursue a dead-end trajectory of valuing unlimited access to signal strength over trees and foliage, juxtaposed with such concern about ‘climate’ and ‘carbon’?

When ‘Field Testing’ is Far Afield from Reality

Like 5G millimeter waves, smart meter signals that were supposed to be able to converse with in-home appliances were also found to not transmit well through energy efficient glass.

Issues with the smart grid’s lack of safety and security point to questions about the wheels falling off of the ‘sustainability bus’ as it approaches a cliff. The meters not only were themselves “not sustainable” with their planned obsolescence replacement cycle and trashing of in-use meters far before the end of their useful life, but they have driven some individuals from their homes due to adverse health effects.

As demonstrated already this winter again in Maine, the meters do not help to maintain reliability or reduce the length of outages. “Trees, trucks, and training,” accompanied by chain saws, are required. Smart meter fires are another overlooked concern.

Not recognizing the impacts of insulated glass on smart meters transmissions can occur when meters are “field-tested,” literally in a field.

The entire framework for testing wireless devices is based on inanimate simulations, with no real-world monitoring or after-market surveillance.

If smart meter transmissions and E-glass were an issue over a decade ago, why were 5G signals not further scrutinized?

Issues are compounded when the parties involved, from the industry to politics to the ‘clean energy’ community, do not correct course in the face of new information, including adverse effects that appear under real-world conditions.

As Jane Goodall asks, “Here we are, the most clever species ever to have lived. So how is it we can destroy the only planet we have?”

Cassandra, and Not Being Believed

Image courtesy Floris Freshman

Modern interpretations of mythology imply that “Cassandra was given the gift of prophecy but was also cursed by the god Apollo so that her true prophecies would not be believed. [ ] “The older and most common versions of the myth state that she was admired by the god Apollo, who sought to win her love by means of the gift of seeing the future.” “According to Aeschylus, she promised him her favours, but after receiving the gift, she went back on her word. [ ] In other sources, such as Hyginus and Pseudo-Apollodorus, Cassandra broke no promise to Apollo but rather the power of foresight was given to her as an enticement to enter into a romantic engagement, the curse being added only when it failed to produce the result desired by the god.” “In modern usage her name is employed as a rhetorical device to indicate a person whose accurate prophecies, generally of impending disaster, are not believed.” – Source

How does a culture reach the point in its evolution whereby it recognizes appropriate, relevant, accurate warnings?

Several Recent News Stories Point to Concern About Big Tech

1. The FAA Outage

ZDNet reported, “A corrupt database file is to blame for the computer system outage at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that temporarily grounded all domestic flights across the US — but it’s still uncertain what caused damage to the database file. The incident caused mass disruption and delays for airlines, airports and passengers. It seems it was related to an issue with the Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) system, which provides pilots with real-time information about changes and potential hazards on flight routes. The lack of system availability meant that all domestic flights were temporarily grounded for two hours while the system was restored.”

Thank goodness it wasn’t the JEDI system.

2. Case Report: The Microwave Syndrome after Installation of 5G Emphasizes the Need for Protection from Radiofrequency Radiation

Dr. Hardell and Mona Nielsson have presented a study of 2 healthy individuals’ effects after being exposed to a 5G station for only a couple of days. This is a plea for a ban on 5G, and elimination or serious reduction of EMF/RF in our environment.

“To our knowledge, this is the first study of health outcomes in persons exposed to 5G RF radiation. Within a couple of days, a new 5G base station caused severe symptoms in two previously healthy persons that correspond to the microwave syndrome. The deployment of 5G also caused a dramatic increase in maximum (peak) microwave radiation exposure, from 9 000 µW/m2 to >2 500 000µW/m2. The symptoms quickly reversed when the couple moved to a dwelling with much lower exposure.”

“The rapidly emerging symptoms after the 5G deployment were typical for the microwave syndrome with e.g., neurological symptoms, tinnitus, fatigue, insomnia, emotional distress, skin disorders, and blood pressure variability. The symptoms were more pronounced in the woman. Due to the severity of symptoms, the couple left their dwelling and moved to a small office room with maximum (peak) RF radiation 3 500 µW/m2 . Within a couple of days, most of their symptoms alleviated or disappeared completely. This medical history can be regarded as a classic provocation test. The RF radiation levels in the apartment were well below the limit proposed to be “safe” below which no health effects would occur, recommended by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation (ICNIRP). These now presented symptoms of the microwave syndrome were caused by non-thermal effects from RF radiation and highlight that the ICNIRP guidelines used in most countries including Sweden do not protect human health. Guidelines based on all biological negative effects from RF radiation are urgently needed, as well as monitoring human health, not the least due to rapidly increasing levels of exposure.”

Why do unscientific provocation studies financed by industry continue to form the basis of safety claims, ridicule, policy, and prevailing public opinion? Is it not time for nations to address the ICNIRP cartel?

3. Scientists Find Something Strange in Brain Scans of Kids Hooked on Social Media

MSN reports, “It’s no secret that social media use can change adult brain anatomy, but a new study suggests that it may impact the developing brains of adolescents in profound ways as well. Researchers from the University of North Carolina have found, in one of the first studies of its kind, that habitually checking social feeds may change the ways early adolescents process social rewards and punishments — changes concrete enough that they can be seen as distinct and divergent neural pathways in brain scans.

Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics, the paper found significant changes to the amygdala, the bit of grey matter in the brain associated with memory and emotions, in the brains of the 169 tween study participants from a rural North Carolina middle school.”

Earlier research on adult brains indicated, “Addiction is often initiated by hyperactivity of the system that assesses rewards and drives impulsive behaviors. This includes the NAc, the key substrate where mesolimbic dopamine is released, and reward seeking behavior is elicited, and it also includes the amygdala, which is thought to link environmental cues to reward systems in the striatum, including the NAc. 

Is a society that fails to protect children from addictive exposures is in its ascent or its fall?

The head used for cellphone safety testing does not have an amygdala. image courtesy Floris Freshman

4. New Study Sees A Rising Trend in Primary Brain Cancer Incidence in Younger Males in High-income Countries

“The press release from the Chinese University of Hong Kong reports, “Primary brain cancer, though not a common malignancy, has a very poor survival rate compared to other types of cancer; medical researchers are therefore keen to explore novel treatments and increase their knowledge of this rare but lethal disease. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)’s Faculty of Medicine (CU Medicine) has conducted a study with the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) to investigate the global distribution and risk factors of and epidemiological trends in primary brain cancer. The results showed that the incidence of primary brain cancer was higher in high-income jurisdictions and was closely related to the per capita gross domestic product (GDP), the human development index (HDI) and the prevalence of traumatic brain injuries, occupational carcinogen exposure and mobile phone use at the country level.

Global incidences of primary brain cancer have been relatively stable over recent years, but an increase was observed in younger males in high-income countries. Researchers recommended that risk factor control and early cancer detection should be implemented among high-risk populations. Details of the study have been published recently in the international medical journal Neuro-Oncology.

The causes of primary brain cancer remain unknown, with a higher incidence in high-income countries

Primary brain cancer is a malignant tumour that originates from the tissues of the brain. The most common type is glioma, which forms when glial cells grow uncontrollably.”

As noted by the Environmental Health Trust, “Christopher Portier PhD, a longtime U.S. government scientist now retired, recently submitted a comprehensive review of the scientific research in a major cell phone/brain cancer lawsuit where he concludes that “the evidence on an association between cellular phone use and the risk of glioma in adults is quite strong.” “In my opinion, RF exposure probably causes gliomas and neuromas and, given the human, animal and experimental evidence, I assert that, to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty, the probability that RF exposure causes gliomas and neuromas is high,” he wrote. The 176-page expert report with 443 references was prepared for the plaintiffs in a major product liability lawsuit, Murray et al. v Motorola, Inc. et al., filed in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia against the telecommunications industry. Dr. Portier was the Director of the United States National Center for Environmental Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, and the Director of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. He is one of many US governments scientists and advisors to the World Health Organization highlighting the ever-growing body of scientific evidence showing harm.

5. The Tesla Car Crash

PC Magazine reports, Video Surfaces of Self-Driving Tesla Abruptly Braking, Causing 8-Car Pileup, The crash injured nine people, including a 2-year-old child, and blocked San Francisco Bay Bridge traffic for an hour, though it’s unclear if Tesla’s full self-driving mode is to blame for the pileup.

“Footage from a Thanksgiving Day crash involving a Tesla Model S has been obtained by The Intercept, and it shows the vehicle crossing into the far left lane at high speed, blinker on, before abruptly coming to a stop, causing an 8-car pileup. The incident happened on the San Francisco Bay Bridge on Nov. 24; The Intercept secured the video through a California Public Records Act request.”

“[]Teslas have extensive software systems that dictate the vehicle’s functions, and “phantom braking,” or the vehicle slamming on the brakes in the face of system-perceived hazards, is a known issue. In February 2022, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said it had received 107 complaints of phantom braking in the previous three months from Tesla owners, compared with only 34 in the preceding 22 months, The Washington Post reported.

Blame is diverted to oil and gas companies for criticism of clean energy, while issues including health and safety, child labor, mining, and disposal in exploited nations are overlooked. Is the green energy strategy of “deny, defend, attack” instead of investigation and course correction delusional or sustainable?

6. UK Space Launch: Historic Cornwall Rocket Launch Ends in Failure

As reported by the BBC, The first ever satellite mission launched from UK soil has ended in failure.

“A jumbo jet operated by the American Virgin Orbit company carried a rocket out of Newquay, Cornwall, to release it high over the Atlantic Ocean. The rocket ignited and appeared to be ascending correctly. But word then came from the company that the rocket had suffered an “anomaly”. The satellites it was carrying could not be released and were lost.” “

Deputy CEO of the UK Space Agency, Ian Annett, said it showed “how difficult” getting into orbit actually was – but predicted further launches within the next 12 months. “We get up, we go back, we try again, that’s what defines us,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“Mr. Archer could not confirm whether the rocket had fallen back to Earth but said that if it did, it would have come down over unpopulated areas.”

Source: Ecocide from Space, Cellular Phone Task Force.
See Also: Update on Satellites, Birds and Bones, May 24, 2022
The irradiation of Heaven and Earth continues to accelerate, as SpaceX marches
ever more quickly toward a constellation of 42,000 satellites.

Let’s be clear. Resources being devoted to the ‘race for space’ are being prioritized over basic human rights, including clean air, food, and water, (all of which suffer when the atmosphere is polluted by rocket fuel.)

Returning to Reason?

The dog with the anchored buoy does not have the capacity to perceive the need to adjust course. She is relentless, and unaware of the futility of her efforts. She does not comprehend the nature of reality.  

This is a different animal than willful blindness and neglect.

When a portion of humanity has lost its way and is no longer operating from a place of holistic vision, reverence, balance, and insight, tools and strategies are needed to restore the grace that is our birthright.

In a 1998 article “WAKING TO THE RHYTHM OF A NEW MYTH, Mythic Perspectives for a World in Distress. David Feinstein, Ann Mortifee and Stanley Krippner wrote,

“It was probably inevitable that we would initially misuse the promethean powers of
technology. [ ] Without a global perspective, we are like children with machine guns, having no understanding that the technology we are using is a mortal threat to everything that supports us.”

“Unless we can begin to discern what is life-affirming and what is life-denying in what the
media feeds us, we are in danger of being psychically annihilated by one of our most auspicious tools. If we are, on a global scale, to avoid the fate of the Easter Islanders, we are called upon — individually and collectively — to radically transform the myths that are leading us, with increasing certainty, toward our demise.”

Lack of discernment has been bought and paid for by the telecommunications industry.

In the face of evidence of harm to health and the environment, decision makers who believe that 5G/wireless caution is unnecessary, (for example, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, who passed ordinances allowing for the fast-tracked proliferation of wireless infrastructure) could be likened to the delusional dog with the anchored buoy.

But in truth, technocracy is more like the child with the machine gun, and as the Cassandras and the canaries have been telling us, along with scientists and independent researchers, this is a very dangerous combination.

“There are many paths to enlightenment. Be sure to take the one with a heart.” — Laozi

Get off the runaway “wireless is safe and tech will save us” train.

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