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The Solstice, the New Year, and the Promise of Learning From One Another and Nature in the Year of the Rabbit

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International, (for entertainment purposes only.) Image courtesy Lori McCray

How does a society learn from Nature? What becomes of a society that does not?

Just as those living in polar regions of the Earth accumulated expertise regarding snow, ice, and cold weather flora and fauna, cultures in the equatorial regions, and especially along coastal waters, developed expertise for their temperate climate.

The impact of the moon on the tides is one important variable recognized by ancient cultures.

Wisdom traditions addressing planting, growing, breeding of livestock, and safe travel especially along rivers that froze and thawed were refined by various societies, over 5,000 years ago, across the globe.

In some areas, this accumulated knowledge continues to exert influence.  This is especially true where local time is perceived and recognized as a manifestation of energy, and where the moon’s electromagnetic influence informs the culture.

In contrast, societies that perceive and utilize time only as a commodity and a tool to coordinate the masses have lost their moorings in terms of alchemizing with the frequencies of the Earth and its natural cycles, including the rhythms of the electromagnetic environment.

Increasingly, this disconnect dominates in the West.

When to Rest and When to Exert: Observing Nature

For example, high noon corresponds to the moment when the sun is highest in the sky. Both the Indian and Chinese cultures recognized that this angle of the sun’s rays also corresponds to particular physiological configurations in the physical body, as does the phenomenon of midnight. This knowledge continues to guide the populace in the East. In Chinese medicine, as an expression of yin and yang, bio-energy is understood to be active on the outside during the day and active on the inside at nighttime.

As an example of another pattern of exertion and rest, when I volunteered at a puppy rescue, the director divided the dogs into compatible groups to be let out into the larger yard for playtime. But try as she did to keep imposing the schedule, all of the puppies would sleep in the early afternoon, in alignment with their inherent biorhythms, which were choreographed by the angle of the sun’s rays. (And, their physiology did not observe daylight savings, nor does ours.)

Life on Earth has co-evolved to harmonize with patterns of frequencies that envelop the Earth, from the tides to the seasons to longer cycles lost to the West.

Faced with a scenario like the sleepy puppies, there is a choice point described by many spiritual traditions and roughly translated as ‘will or surrender.’

In this case, surrender implies wise acceptance, and not weakness or loss of sovereignty. or being over-powered.

Many are recognizing, belatedly, that individual sovereignty and health is dependent upon a pure relationship with the Earth’s electromagnetic cosmic current.

The task of present generations to turn the tide towards recognition and acceptance of Nature’s rhythms. This implies acceptance that unhinged technology is leading humanity in the wrong direction.

Understanding the Power of Nature in 2023: Winter Solstice

From the perspective of countless wisdom schools, the true place of power (and only true foundation to ‘sustainability’) lies in acceptance, recognition, reverence, and partnership with Natural Law. 

This brings us to the energies inherent in 2023, and the question of whether a specific culture or society or individual choice is manifesting the energies of force, and disconnected from reverence for the cosmos, or embodying balance and harmony. It’s not a difficult discernment. Particularly if nature or human health is being harmed, inappropriate force is in play.

Time, Energy and Cosmic Law

We have forgotten that humanity’s consciousness is related to its relationship with Time. When a society separates Time from Energy, it becomes unhinged from the planet.

The Gregorian calendar in use in most of the world was imposed via violence and force. For example, the New Year celebration observed on December 31 in the Gregorian calendar was derived from the intent to sever the grounding offered through recognition of the Winter Solstice energy.

There is nothing wrong or incorrect about being able to coordinate travel across long distances by applying a concept of “time” that is averaged across great distances.

But areas of the world where “local time” has been preserved are often perceived and portrayed as less developed. This includes the African continent. In fact, supposed ‘modern’ technocracy is devoid of knowledge of Natural Law. It this regard, it is both primitive and de-evolutionary.

The trajectory of our technology will be viewed by our ancestors as irrational, and as a form of techno-ecocide.


Centralized Authorities – Unhinged

Authorities including the World Health Organization and World Economic Forum are asserting that centralized approaches are required to address planetary societal issues.  

In truth, many of these efforts are being forcefully imposed not for humanitarian outcomes, but in pursuit of continued concentrated acquisition of wealth, power, and control. For example, see the link to the Jan. 14 Children’s Health Defense interview with James Corbett and Meryl Nass, M.D regarding the World Health Organization’s plan to usurp national sovereignty here: https://www.activistpost.com/2023/01/who-sneak-attack-chd-tv-interview-with-james-corbett.html

Centralized authorities holding entrenched power do not appear to be moving in the direction of respecting nature or surrendering the quest for control.  

The choices of the masses will determine how much longer the dysfunctional power-hungry approaches will endure.

Understanding the Power of Nature in 2023: Chinese New Year New Moon

Through-out Asia, on Jan 22, cultures will be observing the second new moon following the Winter Solstice.

Because a New Moon occurred on Dec. 23 in 2022, the Chinese New Year this year is falling on one of the earliest days possible for 2023. (When juxtaposed with the Gregorian calendar, it can fall as late as Feb. 20.)

Much of modern society did not notice either the earlier December New Moon, or the Solstice, or the relationship between the two.

A point of turning of the year is generally obscured via football championships. This matters.

The Chinese seers recognized that seeds underground begin to turn to face the sun on Feb. 4. The importance of Feb. 4 is also recognized in the cross quarter of the Celtic wheel. In the West we have Ground Hog Day.

In the East, by observing whether or not the Chinese New Year landed before or after the Feb. 4 “eyes of spring” and the resulting impact on the growing season, a 60-year luni-solar calendar was developed in 2637 B.C. It is comprised of twelve animals moving through 5 elements.  

The fact that the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice falls early this year is understood to hold implications for the timing of the spring thaw, which influences all activities along the banks of the rivers where early societies flourished.  The sixty-year cycle holds implications for auspicious choices about which plants will thrive, and whether or not the year will express drought or flooding or windy conditions.

The ancient seers, who had the ability to view the dance of energy within the cosmos, correlated the energies they observed to animals that were familiar to the people. For example, when a dog enters the chicken pen, pandemonium can arise, and the transition period from the year of the Rooster to the year of the Dog was tracked and recognized to express unsettled weather conditions. Other transitions proceed more calmly.

However, beyond agriculture and weather, the Chinese luni-solar calendar was far more nuanced and informative than has been portrayed in the West, especially for health.

Hiking along the Charles River this fall, the land was covered by mugwort growing in the wild. At the same time, it was not a good year for tomatoes.  Another year, nettles might predominate.

Is the planet so remarkably benevolent that herbs flourish from one year to the next based on the same yearly electromagnetic patterns that influence health?

If it is true that each of the twelve meridians of Oriental Medicine dominates for 2 hours each day, and if it is true that a set of meridians dominates in each of the seasons and at the cross quarters of the solstice and equinox, is it also true that each year, a different meridian pathway is receiving a strong impulse from the universe, while another is in a resting stage?

Yes, this is what the meridian wheel might imply.

This understanding could be recovered as the spiritual inheritance for all of humanity,

The Law of Midnight and 2023: Rabbits vs. Tigers

The Law of Midnight implies that as the Year of the Tiger (3 to 5 am, Stomach)) yields to the Year of the Rabbit (5 to 7 am), the high tide of the Lung is now yielding to the high tide of the Large Intestine frequencies. We are at the boundary waters.

See also: 5G/EMF/RF Acupuncture, “EMF Sensitivity,” and “The Law of Midday/Midnight” (naturalblaze.com)

In a sense, the Large Intestine is being nursed by the year’s solar radiation.

At the same time, within the exquisite geometry of the Meridian Flow Wheel, when the Large Intestine (5 to 7 am) is receiving an increase in energy, the Kidneys (Rooster, 5 to 7 pm), across the wheel will experience an opposite ‘midnight’ low tide, or rest.

The seers understood that each meridian could either be stimulated or sedated in order to balance the individual’s energy field with the cosmos. This is but one foundation of the exquisite eloquence of the science of acupuncture.  

The luni-solar calendar implies that a twelve-year cycle exists influencing both health and agriculture. The pattern was established through observation, direct experience, and accurate record keeping, unsurpassed by the West.

It belongs to all of us.

Decades: The Wrong Framework for Pattern Recognition

The patterns of the cosmos are not apparent when statistics are classified by decades and centuries, as has been imposed in the West.  In fact, recently the World Health Organization shifted its data collection for disease and death to 20- year cohorts, which obscures the pattern or earlier onset of Alzheimer’s and other neurological conditions and diseases.  

Observing a twelve-year pattern, the Chinese seers noticed that health would be either enhanced or challenged by the high and low tides of the different meridians, and they adjusted their lifestyles accordingly.

In the Year of the Rabbit (Large Intestine high tide), those with low Kidney constitution may experience lower vitality. and need to conserve to protect their essence and kidney chi. Strategies could include herbs, massage, stretching, acupressure and acupuncture, management of cold exposures, and conservation in sexual activity especially for older men, especially in winter. Because the Kidneys are likened to an essential battery, the guarding of Kidney essence is a foundation of Chinese Medicine and culture.

Recognition of the twelve-year cycle playing out against individual constitution challenges the foundations of mass medical care. This might include the idea that an individual must take the same prescription medication for life. Energy medicine sheds doubt on the validity of side effects which strain one system to support another, when harmonization could be pursued.

Acceptance of surgeries that remove organs, surgeries that cut across the meridian electromagnetic pathways, and non-emergency surgeries at the time of the full moon are examples of practices not informed by available recognition of Time as a manifestation of Energy.

Most importantly, energetic literacy points to the danger of blanketing the planet, the nature environment, and human organisms with artificial man-made frequencies.

The global experience of the health crisis of the last few years would have played out very differently in an energy-literate humanity, because knowledge is an antidote to existential terror.

Self-Care and Self Knowledge Yields Compassion and Understanding

Denigration by the West including ridicule of “astrology” borne of misunderstanding (and cultural arrogance) has resulted in the separation of many Eastern practices from their contextual cosmological world view.

In this short video, Indian teacher Sadguru explains that Yoga means aligning with the Cosmic Geometry. “”Now this possibility, of a simple thing called yoga is not about twisting your body, it’s not about getting fit, it’s not about getting healthy, this all these things nature will do for you if only if you live in tune with it.”

The Chinese Culture and Calendar

History.com reports, “The Western-style Gregorian calendar arrived in China along with Jesuit missionaries in 1582. It began to be used by the general population by 1912, and New Year’s Day was officially recognized as occurring on January 1. Beginning in 1949, under the rule of Chinese Communist Party leader Mao Zedong, the government forbade celebration of the traditional Chinese New Year and followed the Gregorian calendar in its dealings with the West.

But at the end of the 20th century, Chinese leaders were more willing to accept the Chinese tradition. In 1996, China instituted a weeklong vacation during the holiday—now called Spring Festival—giving people the opportunity to travel home and to celebrate the new year.  In the early 21st century, many Chinese families spent a significant amount of their discretionary income celebrating the Spring Festival with traditional symbols and food. They also spent time watching the televised Spring Festival Gala: an annual variety show featuring traditional and contemporary singers, dancers and magic demonstrations.  Although the rites of the holiday no longer officially carry religious value, people remain sensitive to the symbolism of the zodiac animals. The zodiac animal is considered, for example, when assessing personal fortunes or the prospects of a child born at that time.”

Try as they might, Chinese rulers could not impose the Gregorian calendar, and were not able to eradicate the wisdom traditions of yesteryear. Against the force of rule of their leaders, the Chinese people sustained the practices that harmonize with the time/space continuum, from Feng Shui to observing the Chinese New Year.

This includes recognizing the new moon detoxification and full moon absorbing properties, and knowing when to plant, water, fertilize, and harvest.

The practices are not “superstitious.” They are simply beyond the scope of the primitive sciences of the West.

Eastern recognition of the planet’s cosmic current can be contrasted to creating an artificial, insatiable demand for uniformed satellite data and so-called precision agriculture. The contrived demand for data is being weaponized.

One antidote is the wisdom of the ancestors.

We can recover knowledge of planetary patterns, as our birthright.

Stella Natura 2023 Biodynamic Planting Calendar and Planting Guide

We can learn a great deal from the Eastern, indigenous, and equatorial island cultures nearer to the moon that studied the lunar declination, waning and waxing phases, and sign, and understood the effect of the eclipses, including the impact on rhythms synchronizing human health.

We can be humble. Time is energy, frequency, and medicine.

We are currently caught in a rip tide, with the undertow of ungrounded technology dragging us away from the shoreline.

The question is not necessarily whether or not the sixty-year luni-solar calendar developed over 5,000 years ago is still accurate. The question is whether or not we can reconnect with our powers of perception and pattern recognition again.

In the same way that our sense of direction and map reading ability is being replaced by satellite imagery, the question is whether or not we will recognize our ability to dowse the universe against the backdrop of time as energy. And in the process, to stop hurting ourselves and one another.

Aligning with cosmic geometry is a prayer of Thanksgiving. Nature is calling.

“If we make no effort to change direction, we will end up where we are heading.” — Chinese Proverb

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