We Do Not Consent to 5G

We Do Not Consent to 5G
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  1. Hello, I can not handle 5G. My body just can not.
    I already have an allergy to WiFi or similar devices. At home, I can control it by not having any wireless device> But when going to work or in public areas, I get a headache, body pain, or even nausea. I can get really sick sometimes.
    Please…Please…Please…do NOT bring 5G here. We will all get sick, and we can not work anymore. I’m sure you don’t want everybody to take longterm leave, right? so please DO NOT FORCE US TO GET SICK!

  2. This is a Very critical issue facing our human world.
    Thank you for making a passionate, articulate
    response from people world-wide to sent to all the people
    we each know. That is or can have impact.

  3. Churches are being paid to have these Towers on church property right there in Edmonton Alberta Canada

  4. I do not consent to 5G! Its a clear threat to the planet and all living species on it and a threat no doubt to the entire universe.

  5. I do not consent!
    I am also very sensitive to wi-fi and have to run everything in my home off ethernet cables and only turn my phone on for the odd text – Otherwise, I get headaches, dizziness and pains in my throat, cheekbones, ears etc.
    If wi-fi can do this to me, what will 5G do!?!
    The humen race does NOT need this now. We need to be thinking about protecting our planet, not polluting it even further. Just because you have the power, doesnt mean you have the right!! Stop trying to make money endlessly and at the cost of everything else. Do the RIGHT thing NOT the financially lucrative thing!
    This is my planet and my environment too and I do not consent!!

  6. Thank you all for the powerful video.
    I do not consent to the latest violent lack of consideration and foresight that is 5G technology. Nor do I consent to the current damaging wireless technologies that have turned my life upside down and inside out.
    Best wishes all.

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