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When Home is Where the Hurt Is:  Wireless is the New “Domestic Violence”

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International Images courtesy Floris Freshman 

October in the United States marks the observance of “National Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Month.”

The Mayo Clinic notes, “Domestic violence — also called intimate partner violence — occurs between people in an intimate relationship. Domestic violence can take many forms, including emotional, sexual and physical abuse and threats of abuse. Abuse by a partner can happen to anyone, but domestic violence is most often directed toward women. Domestic violence can happen in heterosexual and same-sex relationships.”

A Proclamation on National Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Month, 2023 | The White House

On September 29, President Biden stated, “we [] strengthened access to services for survivors from underserved and marginalized communities, expanded special Tribal criminal jurisdiction with support for Native communities, and recognized the need to combat cybercrimes and address online harassment and abuse.”

Loss of Safe Habitat is Domestic Abuse

Biden missed an underserved, marginalized community threatened with lack of safety, including in the home.

Much habitat carnage has already been attributed to the military, – the oft uninvited and unrecognized domestic partner of every U.S. taxpayer.


PFAS in water (Lake Lajune) and soil and radioactive waste aren’t the only areas of concern.

A new air strike extends far beyond the military bases.

Victims of the New Domestic Violence: A Surveillance State Turned on its Own People

Unfortunately, “cybercrimes and online harassment and abuse” mentioned by Biden are not the only threats sourced in cyberspace.

Another interpretation of the term “domestic violence” is when a nation turns on its people, for example, a surveillance state instituted by the wireless telecommunication and tech industries, fueled by bullying entitlement, supported by both political parties.

As with a dangerous household partner, this scenario manifests as a lack of safety that extends far beyond privacy risks.

Nearly Fifty Years of “Growth” at the Expense of Health and Environment Only Grows More Harm to Health and Environment

A root cause is a priority on economic growth and military dominance, enabled by lack of guardianship of health and safety.

Specific to wireless technologies, lack of protection has been the order of business for a very long time.

“In March 1976, the US Defense Intelligence Agency published an astounding report titled “Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (Radiowaves and Microwaves) – Eurasian Communist Countries.” The 34-page report analyzes numerous Soviet and Eastern bloc research studies that demonstrate a wide range of adverse biological effects caused by exposure to radio frequency radiation and microwaves.

“If the more advanced nations of the West are strict in the enforcement of stringent exposure standards, there could be unfavorable effects on industrial output and military functions.” 

The above statement and the entire report quite clearly reveal what the government knew and when it knew it. This also reveals why Western governments have subsequently been unwilling to acknowledge the bio-toxic effects of wireless systems or the legitimacy of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), and why “safe limits” of exposure have been raised in subsequent years when, in fact, they need to be lowered. “SOURCE

Fast forward to 2023, U.S. legislators are currently considering nearly 50 pro-growth regulations to deploy more wireless, including HR 3557, and being paid handsomely by the industry.

“This bill represents an unprecedented pre-emption of local governments’ authority to manage public rights-of-way and land use; it strips local governments of rights and authority over telecom deployment. The bill also waives historic preservation (NHPA) and environmental (NEPA) rules.”Americans for Responsible Technology 

See List of Federal Bills from EHT: https://ehtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/EHT-federal-bills-promoting-wireless-10-2-23-2.pdf

As a society and as individuals, we urgently need to construct exit ramps from the fatal attraction to industrial growth and military dominance, which has now merged telecommunications with surveillance, devoid of health, ecosystem, and planetary protection, by law. (This includes rejecting growth-fueled, consumptive “climate solutions” imposed under the brain-washed guise of “sustainability.”)

The Backstory: Instinct-Injured Women and Lack of Energetic Literacy

A consumer culture focused on economic growth that treats time as money rather than energy has fostered generations that do not recognize the significance of their own vital force, within the context of the planet’s natural electromagnetic environment.

By every definition, Americans are not as resilient as they used to be, for example, the explosion of neurological deaths, especially for women over the age of 55, and declining health of children.

Incredible naivety has enabled a growth industry of treating symptoms of disharmony with drugs, often with side effects, rather than with self-knowledge and self-care.

An extreme example is gamers in diapers chugging energy drinks, overriding their health-nurturing physiological balance.

Instead of cultivating a skillset of self-attunement and alignment with the planetary energetic framework, including the preservation and protection of sleep and awake cycles and chronobiology as the basis of health, (which was the domain of the East) the West has lost sight of True North, or the fact that a weathervane even exists.

Lifestyle corrections, heeding early warning signs, and seeking to understand cause and effect are direct expressions of self-mastery, and the foundation for a conscious conservation lifestyle.

Regarding wireless, the consumer culture has been indoctrinated to ignore the necessity for checks and balances. The ability to defy the laws of nature has been mistaken for freedom.

Image courtesy Floris Freshman 

This is the opposite of the Eastern understanding of liberation, pursued through discipline and self-mastery, and with reverence for the energetic dance of the cosmos, expressed as time.

1971 News Flash: Man-Made Radio Frequency Microwave Radiation Diminishes Vital Force, Symptoms of Microwave Poisoning in Soldiers, Who Were Male, Identified by the Military

Individuals with a more finely tuned sensory system that detects and reacts to unnatural frequencies are fearful for their very survival as they recognize, accurately, that they are experiencing cumulative, chronic, inescapable microwave poisoning – researched by the military decades ago, in male soldiers.

This is the new face of Domestic Assault, – a technocratic nation that is harming women and children, and other life forms, including pollinators, via microwave radiation poisoning, as reported in 1971 in BIBLIOGPHY OF REPORTED BIOLOGICAL PHENOMENA (‘EFFECTS’) AND CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS ATTRIBUTED TO MICROWAVE AND RADIO-FREQUENCY RADIATION from Zory’s Archives.

The varying symptoms identified by the military are all expressions of the inability to retain healthy homeostasis.

Women and Children

Women possess the extraordinary capacity to harness the electromagnetic cosmic forces for procreation and gestation. The processes of rapid growth and cell differentiation in infants and children are choregraphed by interplay with the cosmic forces.

Therefore, make no mistake about it, wireless is a war on women and children, caused by an invasive assault on inner sovereignty.

Wireless technologies are interfering with the choreography of the cosmic current.

The Spleen – Peacemaking

One of the more evocative implications of Chinese Medicine theory is that the Spleen archetype is responsible for the distribution of chi to the organs, unless the Triple Heater has to take charge to redistribute energy and power in the case of a threat.

This can be achieved in part by activating the hollow organs to behave out of right rhythm.

Spleen archetypes are associated with purity and are more sensitive to the changes of the seasons, to environmental exposures, and to temperature. Spleen rules the blood and the menses.

Spleen types are also known as the peacemakers. A militarized mindset opposes the Spleen’s peaceful intent. An organism under continual stress, dominated by Triple Warmer, mimics a militarized nation. The imbalance leads to ill health, in an organism, an individual, and a nation.

It is possible that the archetype-based constitutional models of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda provide far more clarity on why and how microwave radio frequencies are so harmful to certain individuals, particularly woman.

It is certainly to the military’s advantage to portray woman as mentally ill, rather than admitting that they can detect nighttime data dumps from smart meters, and covert increases in RFR exposures being introduced into communities.

Allowing microwave hearing’s thermoacoustic waves in the brain to be misdiagnosed as tinnitus from an unknown source is another successful strategy.

Extraordinary Senses, Gifts, or Mental Illness? Ignoring, Denying, and Ridiculing Invasion and Assault is Another Form of Violence

Not all dogs can work on open fields with shepherds, but some breeds can detect an incoming lightning storm. As different breeds of dogs vary in their sensory capacities, so do humans.

In previous epochs, an enhanced electromagnetic sensory system enabled superior navigational abilities, exquisite hands-on-healing, locating wells and water sources, perception of weather patterns, understand tide patterns, and other capacities sourced in electromagnetic literacy.

Jenny Fry, a young teen whose suicide has been attributed to societal reaction to her sensitivity, might have been an extraordinary dowser, or healer, or way shower had she lived. An interview with her mother is available here. In the years since her passing, although many more individuals are now working on wireless safety issues, not enough progress has been made.

Wi-Fi on School Buses: Failure to Protect

One of the most dysfunctional examples of misguided tech that does not harmonize with biology is the recent degenerative move by the FCC to place Wi-Fi on school buses.

See: Central Vermont schools add Wi-Fi to buses — a model for the nation, says FCC chair

Scientific American reported, “Timothy C. Hain, a professor of neurology, otolaryngology, and physical therapy/human movement science at Northwestern University Medical School, and Charles M. Oman, director of the Man Vehicle Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and leader of the neurovestibular research program at the NASA National Space Biomedical Research Institute, explain:

“In order for a person to estimate his location, the brain combines information from a variety of sources, including sight, touch, joint position, the inner ear and its own expectations. The inner ear (see image below) is particularly important because it contains sensors for both angular motion (the semicircular canals) and linear motion (the otoliths). These sensors are called the vestibular system. Under most circumstances, the senses and expectations all agree. When they disagree, however, conflict arises and motion sickness can occur. Motion sickness usually combines elements of spatial disorientation, nausea and vomiting.

Consider the situation when one is reading in the back seat of a car. Your eyes, fixed on the book with the peripheral vision seeing the interior of the car, say that you are still. But as the car goes over bumps, turns, or changes its velocity, your ears disagree. This is why motion sickness is common in this situation. If you have this sort of reaction it is usually helpful to stop reading and look out the window.

Glorifying providing access to Wi-Fi on school buses, not addressing blue light, ignoring the effects of small screens on eyesight, and especially ignoring the stress on the body’s exquisite attempts to retain balance in a vehicle in motion while reading are all indicative of society’s accelerating spin further into a degenerative cycle.

The Right to Internet Does Not Require 24/7/365 Wireless

Informed Vermonters and parents everywhere should be mortified, and not celebrating the FCC’s misguided, misinformed, misbegotten plan to place W-Fi in school buses.

Internet access should never have been manipulatively conflated with the demand to access wireless, everywhere.

Vermont schoolchildren might be better served by spontaneous play, and by being taught meditation together, listening to music together, and discussing ideas together, while traveling together, on their school buses.

In addition, in every classroom and on every bus, some child is stuck sitting under an industrial scale router.

Trauma Begets a De-Evolutionary Spiral That Sustains Disaster Capitalism

Historians will look back on the events of September 11 as a catalyst that moved significant portions of the public into believing that instantaneous unlimited wireless connectivity at a distance is both preferred and required for safety, and security,

Recordings of emotionally charged calls and messages distributed during traumatic events have received far more airplay than, for example, covering the number of people who have hurt themselves and others through lack of awareness and attention to the time-space continuum, due to tech addiction. Distracted driving is just one issue.

Image courtesy Floris Freshman 

The move towards wireless has created a scenario where the majority of the public is not fully present or even aware of the time-space continuum, and not embodied and integrated in all of their senses for the majority of the time.

It’s difficult to perceive the lack of synthesis with one’s biorhythms in a culture that ignores them. We lost the map.

Wireless also created an abdication of response-ability, for example, not stopping to help a stranded motorist, assuming that someone from a distance will respond to a cellphone call.

Following Sept 11, the covid years then catapulted wireless consumption to obscene levels of demand, especially for video.

As Katie Singer explains, “The more data transmitted and stored, the more energy required. Since one second of video can contain 30 to 60 still images, streaming a video takes much more energy than downloading a photo, which requires more data (and therefore more energy) than transmitting voice, which takes more data and energy than text. One hundred text-only reports make up less than 9 megabytes (MBs) of data. One eight-minute video can take 30 MBs.”

“3G uses 15 times more energy than wired access. 4G consumes 23 times more energy than wired access. (Corcoran-2012; Huang-2013) Miguel Coma has written that 5G might be wonderful for private networks within a factory, say; but it’s unnecessary for public networks….”

“How/can we educate ourselves to think globally, locally and personally about energy use and technology?”

A resilience society would reconcile, rather than ignore, mounting evidence of increased consumption of energy and resources and reported harm, regardless of what was promised regarding 5G or any other G during an emergency.

Instead, this increased, unconscious consumption is increasing the demand for more infrastructure, and increasing the ambient exposures in the environment. For a marginalized portion of the population, the levels were already intolerable.

Fire Fighters and Brain Damage

An audible alarm once served as a tornado warning or summoned a fire brigade. Converting the reach of emergency broadcast system to activate every individual wireless device is, again, being propelled by wireless interests.

This is despite the quantified damage to the brains of California firefighters when a cell tower was installed on their stationhouse, as described by Susan Foster.

“It is hard to believe that firefighters have become our society’s “canaries in a coal mine”, but that is exactly what I am about to describe to you.

As you read the results of a small pilot study we conducted of California firefighters exposed to cell towers on their stations for five years, understand that this brain damage occurred to the strongest of the strong among us after a five-year exposure to 2G from a tower that was measured at 1/1000th of the FCC allowable limit of RF radiation. That was three generations of wireless ago, so the question must be asked: What is going to happen to when 5G cell towers are built out in nearly every neighborhood, next to every school, daycare center, nursing home, hospital, place of work and place of worship – in other words, in every corner of our lives 24/7?

Their symptoms included:

  • headaches
  • extreme fatigue
  • cognitive impairment
  • anesthesia-like sleep where the men woke up for 911 calls “as if they were drugged”
  • inability to sleep
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • unexplained anger
  • immune-suppression manifest in frequent colds and flu-like symptoms‘ – Source

The unfolding violence to the planet is sustained by an inattentive humanity, increasingly caught in a web of addiction to what has been described as a dopamine drip, and dissociated from chrono-biology, nature, and one another.

A federal government that turns on its citizens is like an auto-immune illness that turns on itself and attacks an organism.

The opportunity is not focusing on what we think that we have to give up as we back away from being drunk on wireless.

It is about grieving what we had forgotten, and recognizing the incredible grace of the opportunity to recover the awe and reverence for life.

The upside of such an extraordinary planetary imbalance is that there is an opportunity for many, many individuals to gain virtue – by quietly withdrawing from the paradigm of harm.

Please do not delude yourself into thinking that if wireless is in the marketplace, that it is safe, and that wireless consumption does not matter.

As cultural anthropologist Jean Houston cautions in “Beware the Men on Horses”

“…what we do profoundly makes the difference as to whether we grow or die… whether we evolve or perish…don’t let the war boys hog all the spit and the spice and the glamour.”

Wireless technologies are interfering with the choreography of the cosmic current.

Taking care of oneself and nature is a prayer of Thanksgiving.

One key is to stop feeding the marauders.

Another is to help those in your sphere of influence, and to know that as others do the same, we are all safer.

For more inspiration: Bringing Mindfulness Into How We Integrate Technology Into Our Civilization by Kate Kheel


Can our collective and individual consciousness expand faster than the speed of technological growth; and can we seed a wiser technology that con-serves (i.e. serves together with) all life? 

Right now, we are facing multiple threats, each of which alone could bring us to the brink of extinction. These range from nuclear war, to bioweapons, synthetic biology, insect decline, AI gone rogue, oceans that, according to predictions, will have more plastic than fish by 2050. And of course, the full throttle global push to connect to the internet every “thing”, being, place and event on Earth, in the sky, and in the ocean; not to mention gaming, social media, and the many other for-profit platforms designed to generate data, manipulate minds, and sell products. 

In much the way that tools increase the capabilities and reach of our bodies and minds – for e.g., a hammer affords the hand greater force – technology and AI extend the capabilities and reach, not just of a hand, but of our entire civilization. 

Technology and AI exponentialize and accelerate nearly all undertakings – good, bad, or other – that we humans engage in. Read more HERE.

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