World Environment Day

If you’re feeling stir-crazy or in need of some human contact that doesn’t involve a screen – albeit at a slight distance! – come and enjoy a tech-free afternoon with a hike, bike-ride or picnic if you like! In honour of World Environment Day, find out about 5G’s environmental footprint and impact on wildlife and pollinating insects. The venue is the beautiful Bentley Priory Nature Reserve, Stanmore (see attached flyer for details), where there’s a deer park, lake and acres of space for social distancing. Children and dogs

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  1. Los felicito. Excelente ideal. Debemos seguir trabajando unidos para impedir que sigan colocando antenas 5G en el mundo.

  2. Yes correct Bentley Priory is beautiful, saw people yesterday walking around the Priory, wasn’t really tech free, saw a man with a placard about 5G yet the whole time he was scrolling through his phone. Wonder if he was on the EE network on 5G. Made a complete farce of the walk.

    1. 5G Protesters, should keep their phones at bay or at the very least, on airplane mode using only the camera to document and publicize the event.

      Better yet, accept the June 20th-21st invitation from Arthur Firstenberg to the “Cancel Your Cell Phone Days”. Give up your phone and reclaim your life.


      “Don’t Push the River, It Flows by Itself,” wrote Barry Stevens in her 1970 book by that name. Well, sometimes even the river needs a little push. A new organization has just been formed, called End Cellphones Here On Earth (ECHOEarth), whose members do not own cell phones and whose mission is to end the root cause of the wireless web that is punching holes in our atmosphere and bathing us all in radiation.

      ECHOEarth has set the solstice, June 20-21, 2020, as Cancel-Your-Cell-Phone-Account Day, the day we invite you to get off this train and change direction. Details will follow in the next newsletter.

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