Global Action Days

On Saturday and Sunday 17/18 December, 2022, people marked the Global 5G Action Days for Freedom with outreach to shed Light on the harms caused to humans, wildlife and the Planet, by an increasingly digitalized wireless world.

The message: “We do not consent to a few powerful technology and satellites companies dictating the future of all life on Earth.”

The 5G/satellite/internet of things/data/Metaverse/AI juggernaut entails the manufacturing, use, and disposal of thousands of satellites in space, millions of new transmitters on Earth, an ocean teaming with technology, and trillions of IoT gadgets, devices, appliances and “things,” that together pose one of the greatest threats of all human generated health and environmental assaults. Though being sold to the public as a way to address climate change, the gargantuan global technology footprint is itself a major contributor to environmental devastation. Moreover, communication technology on Earth, in Space, and in the Oceans is creating an inescapable Planetary Digital Surveillance Grid threatening personal Freedom and Autonomy.

5G, satellites, and a sonar/optic digitized ocean play an integral role in the weaponization and commercialisation of Earth, Space and Ocean and increase the lethality of war.

We oppose the use of trillions of dollars being poured into waging war, and are calling for the money to be spent on programs that address essential needs such as world hunger, all forms of pollution (including Electrosmog), saving wildlife from extinction, restoring the soil, and a regenerative future of peaceful co-existence with one another and the rest of natural world.

Whilst opposing wireless proliferation, we support safe wired connections for most internet and telecommunications use, reserving wireless for emergencies and essential services not possible through wires.

For more information, please visit the Global Action to Stop 5G Facebook Group.

Kindly see this short but poignant video announcement:

The following short video addresses plans to create an Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT). Relying primarily on sonar waves, what marine mammals use to navigate and communicate, “smart” Oceans will likely cause untold suffering to Marine mammals and all Marine Life.