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In Defense of Crickets Part 3 of 3; Havana, Internal Electric Fields, Kilohertz Frequencies, Cell Signaling, & Sub-Carrier Waves

By Patricia Burke, featuring Paul Harding Part 1 considered the historical record regarding the Moscow Signal, and the assessment by an advisory committee to the U.S. military that sounds most recently heard and recorded by injured diplomats (Havana Syndrome) were crickets. Part 2 features Lyn McLean of EMR Australia, presenting concerns that some humans “hear” microwave radiation. In part 3,…


Request for ‘Psychology Today’ to Retract ‘Conspiracy Theory Expert’ View of ‘Electrohypersensitivity’

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International, with Sharon Noble Psychology Today (‘Health, Help, Happiness, and Find a Therapist’) recently published a blog “Tin Foil Hats: Tired Trope or Sign of the Times? From clothing to electronic devices, modern-day tin foil hats are big business,” by Joe Pierre M.D. B.N. Frank responded with “Mental Health…

The Nature of Electromagnetism
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The Nature of Electromagnetism

Guest blog by Michael Berstecher From the holistic perspective of Self, perceiving observing consciousness appears as the only „place“ including all happening and experiencing, of all existence. In that experience, the natural sciences describe the nature of our one collective universal consciousness instead of processes happening independently in a physical world which may seem to exist separately…