2022-01-26 Webinar: Citizen Rights and Remedies Under the Shadow of 5G Surveillance and Behavioral Modification

This webinar assesses central legal issues and best practices concerning data privacy, surveillance, cyber-insecurity, control and censorship, mis- and disinformation, and the prediction and manipulation of human behavior in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism. The program particularly focuses on the fundamental infrastructural challenges of 5G proliferation into every home and workplace.

Host: Doug Wood, Founder Americans for Responsible Technology


Julian Gresser, Of Counsel, Swankin & Turner, Co-Founder BroadBand International Legal Action Network (BBILAN).

Scott McCollough has been a practicing attorney in the areas of communications and internet law for 38 years, with a specialization in regulatory issues confronting the industry. His clients include competitive communications companies, internet service and application providers, public interest organizations, and consumers.

Ben Levi, Co-Founder, BroadBand International Legal Action Network (BBILAN)


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