5G Activists Take to the Beach

5G Activists Take to the Beach

Beaches may be for swimming and sun-bathing for some, but for 5G activists this summer they have become the perfect venue for displaying a message calling for the stop to 5G, the latest generation of wireless technology. Stop 5G Beach Messages have appeared in Peru, Denmark, France, Great-Britain, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, The US, Canada, Corsica, Sicily, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and many more.

Around the world, 5G is increasingly being challenged primarily on grounds of health and surveillance; but there is also growing concern about its e-footprint as well as the psycho-social effects of yet more technology and screens.

5G will entail millions of new cellphone antennas (“small cells”) and tens of thousands of satellites working together to ensure that cellphone calls and even video streaming are available everywhere – even in the remotest and most pristine areas of our planet. But it also means that virtually everywhere we go and everything we do – even what we say and think – will become data points to be harvested, sold and used for surveillance and marketing.

Many people also object to the involuntary exposure to wireless radiation citing thousands of studies showing adverse health effects, as well as the impacts of this radiation on wildlife. Of additional concern is the mega increase in energy consumption, resource extraction, and resultant streams of e-waste, all contributing to environmental damage.

Calling 5G Technological Trespass, advocates from Stop 5G International warn that once the 50,000 to 100,000 planned satellites are launched, and 5G is implemented worldwide, people will find themselves locked into a permanent Planetary Electronic Surveillance Grid with no means of escape.

The next Global 5G Protest Day is planned for September 26th. Counter-5G advocates will gather in their respective countries, cities, and communities and call for Safe Technology, not 5G. Safe Technology (aka SafeG) calls for wired to every home and business with the idea of reducing exposure to wireless radiation over time. Mobile would then increasingly be reserved for essential services only such as emergency alert, text messages and short cellphone calls, reserving safer wired connections for the bulk of internet and cellphone traffic.

For more information see: https://ehtrust.org/ and: https://www.stop5ginternational.org

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  1. By the way, it isn’t exactly a beach, a bit rocky, but we’ll be at the water’s edge and we’ll have FUN, kites, banner, protest signs, an earth beach ball, a juggler wearing a skull mask and juggling little earths.
    Song: O when 5G comes rollin in, O when 5G comes rollin in, I don’t want to be in that number, when 5G comes rollin in!

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