5G Deployment: it is like being in the midst of the forest fire, and the fireman asks: do we need any water?

In this article by Dr. Dariusz Leszczynski, PhD, DSc, research professor and expert in the field of EMF bio effects, and with a list of many publications on the effects of radio frequency on health, critiques the European Union for not waking up to the harms of wireless radiation before deploying 5G worldwide.

Leszczynski asks,

“Now is European Union waking up from the rosy sleep and limitless trust in self-proclaimed and uncontrolled by anyone NGO called ICNIRP?

A moment of scary silence is needed to comprehend the conclusions and policy options that we were given…

Let me be blunt, in the midst of deployment of the 5G, when technology is rushed into planet’s living environment, when the telecom industry is forcing governments to get regulations that will further ease 5G deployment, we suddenly (?) realize that we know nothing about 5G impact on planet’s life. That, if fire strikes, we have no clue how to extinguish it. That we are flying blind and hoping (!) that we do not hit something.”


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