Digitalising Wilmslow: 5G Assault on Health and Environment without Informed Consent

The following blog is taken from Brian McGavin’s communication to the Wilmslow Town Council in the UK when they announced plans to “Digitalize Wilmslow.” Brian’s concise and clear explanation of the multi-faceted harms such an “upgrade” would pose, is offered below as a template for others similarly trying to awaken their often uninformed town officials. 

Initiative proposed by the town of Wilmslow: 

The Town Council is committed to working alongside local businesses, community groups and retailers to enhance the digital and online presence of the Town Core and its offer, in order to increase shoppers and visitors into the town to enhance its vibrancy. This will include exploring the following projects:

  1. Developing a mobile ‘app’ for the town, including shops and special offers, leisure activities and events 
  2. Developing a new Town Core website to showcase events and activities and offer visitor information 
  3. Exploring the introduction of free Wi-Fi service throughout the Town Core, including charging stations and interactive screens in partnership with cafes, bars and restaurants 
  4. Promoting and exploring the introduction of interactive public art, lighting and music within the Town Core 
  5. Promoting and championing the delivery of high-speed broadband throughout the town.

Brian McGavin’s response:

So far not much has moved forward but is this what people in our town are bursting to have?  There are huge health and safety downsides. At a time when the world is trying to cut climate emissions and reduce our energy consumption people are simply not being given the big picture. 

The tech lobby envisages every facet of our lives dominated by 5G networks. Instead of 2,000 satellites orbiting the Earth, permission has been granted for 100,000 low orbit, short lifespan 5G satellites launched by highly polluting rockets.

The government is orchestrating a legal framework to enable telecom companies to use private land and property for commercial profit without consent. 

5G is being rolled out without independent Health or Environmental Impact assessments and without informed consent, enshrined in UN Law. Many people object strongly to the proliferation of electromagnetic radiation from wireless technology. 

As billions of internet-connected ‘smart’ devices grow exponentially, it is estimated the ICT industry could consume 20% of global electricity production by 2025, feeding incessant demand from phone screen addiction.

We have to challenge urgently the stranglehold of tech fantasy lobbyists promoting 5G on the marketing ploy of ‘dragging us out of the digital dark ages’ promoting potentially dangerous driverless vehicles insurance companies won’t insure. 

Claims that ‘we need 5G because 4G can’t cope’ conflicts with the millions spent looking for things to do with it. New ‘microcomb’ cable fiber technologies are safer, 10 times more efficient than 5G and could be in wide use within two years says Monash University in Melbourne.

The Stop 5G movement bases its concerns on evidence-based science. Over 1,600 scientific papers are linked here: 

The media needs to engage in serious debate rather than labelling people ‘cranks peddling conspiracy narratives’. It is a monumental bias to promote tech lobby investment. Similar to the playbook used by tobacco, asbestos and Teflon toxin industries, the telecom industry is flying blind on health and environmental impacts, putting profit before people.  

There is a media conspiracy to deny this, driven by industry lobbyists. 

Legal challenges to the safety of 5G are succeeding in court with judges asked to intercede. 

Many economists believe that if we just harness the productivity and skills of people with the 5G digital automation revolution we can deliver a smarter, greener future. They fail to understand that 5G has huge environmental, health and energy costs and assume that a mass move to electric vehicles resolves our climate crisis when it does not. Electric cars come with their own considerable Carbon, Ecological and Ethical Blueprint with resources for batteries mined in remote places, often with the help of child slave labour. We need to deploy every lever we can to reduce our energy consumption, and use declining resources wisely.

Environmental groups, particularly those that align with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), urgently need to look into these important and often neglected issues, as they are directly linked to climate change, bio-diversity collapse and energy consumption.  People and organizations cannot be ‘a la carte’ environmentalists if we are to overcome our immense environmental challenges.                     (689 words

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