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EMF/RF/5G and Healthy Bowels in Paradise

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International Art image courtesy Floris Freshman, Graphic Courtesy Nina Beety. For entertainment purposes only, not to be construed as medical advice.

Advertisements for ABC’s popular show “Bachelor in Paradise” are teasing viewers with a subplot about one woman who apparently has not been able to have a bowel movement for 9 days.

As a result, it is possible that she will be forced to leave the island in order to receive medical treatment.

Without needing to go into too much detail about the show itself, the question of how and why one woman’s digestive function has been decimated is not being explored beyond titillating jokes about pooh babies, either by ABC or by society at large.

I have a theory that if we were paying more attention, a very significant reassessment of our wireless technology could unfold.

Man-made Antennas and Transmitters vs. Biological Antennas and Transmitters

“Bachelor in Paradise” entertains viewers by allowing them to listen in on and watch intimate conversations between scantily clad participants, and many of the women are wearing bathing suits.

In order to provide audio to the audience, the men and women are wearing wireless transmitters on their bodies, many at the base of the spine.  

What we may be witnessing is one very healthy young individual whose body has reacted to exposure to non-natural, manmade artificial microwave radiofrequencies with an apparent armored organ system freeze response.

The scenario is not rocket science.

The human body possesses receptors that enable it to receive energy from the cosmos, by design. (Vedic scholars of India identified 72,000 nadis.)  The energetic patterns of the cosmic frequencies choreograph the rhythms of life on earth, including chronobiology.  This includes, for most people, a fairly regular pattern of elimination.

We experience being off rhythm when we experience jet-lag…when our time-space coordinates are not in synch with the external environment.

The human energy field has co-evolved with balancing, life sustaining, energetic frequencies that envelop the earth.

The wireless tech-enamored mass culture has lost awareness of the existence and significance of the healthy energetic relationship with the environment. As the result, society is easily misled about ideas which never should have been let out of the gate, such as colonizing Mars to preserve the light of consciousness.

Rather than focusing on faster, more ubiquitous wireless connectivity, we could and should, as a humanity, already be doing everything we can to protect the abundance and generativity of the cosmic current, for all of life.

This is the foundation for a conservation lifestyle, (as opposed to the practice of placing wireless transmitters on whales and sharks to communicate with satellites, without monitoring the biological impacts to the organism.)

It is possible that the woman in question on Bachelor in Paradise has been directly impacted by having the wireless transmitter placed on her body, and that for her, the symptomatic organ is the colon.  

It may not be the only possible explanation, or the correct one, but in fact, it may be exactly what caused her condition.

I know an individual who ate so much lobster as a young child, resulting in inflammation further down his intestinal tract, that he ended up having a part of his colon removed.

I also know individuals with food allergy reactions who will describe changes in their stool indicating constipation and constriction when they eat an offending item, while others have symptoms at the other end of the spectrum.

Most likely, the food and water being consumed by Bachelor nation is not familiar to the visitors, and one of these explanations may be forthcoming. It is possible that her body is reacting to some other stressor, other than wireless.  

But it is possible that the transmitter placed on her body activated a protective response by dis-regulating the distribution of chi between the organ systems in her body, as has been reported by many individuals, especially women, who have been exposed to excessive microwave-based technologies, beyond what their biology can bear. This includes the fields generated by wireless smart meters, followed by over a decade of ignored complaints.

Instead of listening and seeking to understand, the industry coined the derogatory term nocebo, and implied that the women needed psychiatric care.

Chinese Medicine, Japanese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Environmental Medicine

It is possible that care provided by a Chinese medicine practitioner or acupuncturist, or a physician trained at the American Academy of Environmental Medicine would provide accurate diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of further harm.

More than a decade ago, some individuals who were experiencing energetic harm as the result of the installation of wireless smart meters began comparing notes. One common complaint was that when individuals went shopping in big box stores, they immediately had to use the restroom.  Again, they were describing a hijacking of their body’s naturally coordinated and healthy rhythms, because the Bladder and/or Colon were behaving out of right rhythm. Some described sudden nosebleeds, others had headaches, other digestive issues. The Chinese recognized that the hollow organs had the capacity to behave as bodyguards. Symptoms could be mapped out against this evocative template, which is based on individual constitution. Symptoms vary from one person to the next.

Chinese and Japanese medicine distinguishes between the imbalances of kyo and jitsu. “…..Meridians themselves to find areas termed Jitsu (Excess – hardness, induration) and Kyo (Deficiency – relative softness, emptiness). [ ] Treatment protocols are based on those findings. The basic principle is to tonify or strengthen the most deficient Meridian first and can then often include local treatment to scatter congested Qi.”     – Source

From a Chinese medicine perspective, the relationship between the Gall Bladder and the Large Intestine is significant, because Gall Bladder can steal chi from Large Intestine. Gall Bladder may be one of the most important electrical bodyguards of the human energy field due to its relationship with the Heart. This is one map that can describe one manifestation of microwave illness.

We don’t know how many of the other participants in the Paradise adventure might also be affected by wireless exposures, and it may be that the others are seemingly not affected. But we do not actually know about the long-term effects of chronic cumulative juxtaposed exposures to microwave radiation because we haven’t bothered to study them. We made the same error with chemicals, for years.

More than a decade ago, physician William Rea of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine devised a protocol for determining if a patient was being adversely affected by wireless exposures. After establishing homeostasis, with provocation, by checking the heart rate, looking at the reaction of the pupils of the eyes, and other indicators he would confirm if the patient was actually reacting to wireless, or some other exposure.

He determined that some patients were indeed reacting to artificial manmade wireless exposures.

This is good science and good health care.

Chinese medicine could take the inquiry even further, by measuring all twelve of the organ pulses.

Reality tv has inadvertently shown us the onset of what may be an energetic imbalance caused by a wireless exposure.

I hope, for this Bachelorette, that this is not an initiation into the onset of so-called electromagnetic hypersensitivity, because microwave sickness is the most ridiculed, marginalized condition that I am aware of.

Being referred to as a tin foil hat and dismissed by power brokers ranging from New York Times writers to Psychology Today is widely accepted by an increasingly energetically illiterate culture that does not yet want to ask the difficult questions.

The longer the questions are ignored, the bigger the problem becomes for those who must eventually deal with the consequences.

We know enough to know that people are hurting. And, the kids are not alright.

It’s not just about whether it’s making you sick, it’s about the fact that it is causing harm to some, including other species, and we are ignoring it.

If your educational background about wireless is coming from industry ads, please become a deeper thinker.

We can all do more about this.

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