EMF/RF/5G/IOUT, Yes, The Sky Is Falling People! Russian Rocket Stage Crash, Meanwhile Here Come 441,449 LEO Satellites

On January 6, Business Insider reported, “A failed Russian rocket stage crashed to Earth in an uncontrolled reentry into the atmosphere over the Pacific.”

A failed Russian rocket stage hurtled down to Earth over the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday.

It was part of Russia’s Angara-A5 rocket, which launched in December, TAS reported.

The rocket stage was due to be in orbit for thousands of years, astronomer Jonathan McDowell told CNN.

[ ] The upper rocket stage, [ ] was launched for the first time on the Angara-A5 rocket from the Plesetsk spaceport in northwestern Russia on December 27, per the state-run news agency TAS.

The 18th Space Control Station confirmed that the upper stage of the rocket reentered the Earth’s atmosphere at 4:08 pm ET over the Pacific Ocean.

The European Space Agency told Insider that the rocket stage was traveling at 7.5 kilometres per second when it reentered the Earth’s atmosphere. [ ]

The rocket launch was operated by the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD), the country’s space agency Roscosmos told CNN.

The rocket stage was supposed to remain in orbit for many thousands of years. However, it failed to restart and burn up when reentering the Earth’s atmosphere, Jonathan McDowell, a Harvard astronomer, told CNN.

McDowell tweeted on Wednesday that he didn’t think the rocket stage was a “significant risk.”

“Reentries for an object with dry mass of about 4 tonnes may see some debris reach the ground, but not much,” he added.

The incident was similar to China’s 22.5 ton Long March 5B rocket, which fell towards the Earth in May, landing in the Indian Ocean near the Maldives. – Business Insider

(Please note that it is not just Russia and China who have debris dropping from space. )

Meanwhile, on the insanity planet, as reported by Arthur Firstenberg:

441,449 LOW EARTH ORBIT SATELLITES Operating, Approved and Proposed


“While the attention of a terrified world has been riveted on a virus, and while concern about radiation has been focused on 5G on the ground, the assault on the heavens has reached astronomical proportions. During the past two years, the number of satellites circling the earth has increased from 2,000 to 4,800, and a flood of new projects has brought the number of operating, approved, and proposed satellites to at least 441,449. And that number only includes low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellites that will reside in the ionosphere.

The satellite projects include the ones listed below. The companies are based in the United States unless otherwise indicated.

17,270 satellites already approved by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission:

17,270 satellites already approved by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission:

  • Amazon (Kuiper) – 3,236 satellites
  • Astro Digital – 30 satellites
  • Black Sky Global – 36 satellites
  • Boeing – 147 satellites
  • Capella Space Corp. – 7 satellites
  • Globalstar (operating since 2000) – 48 satellites
  • Hawkeye 360 – 80 satellites
  • ICEYE – 6 satellites(FINLAND)
  • Iridium (operating since 1998) – 66 satellites
  • Kepler Communications – 140 satellites (CANADA)
  • Loft Orbital – 11 satellites
  • OneWeb – 720 satellites (UNITED KINGDOM)
  • Planet Labs (operating) – 200 satellites
  • R2 Space, LLC – 8 satellites
  • Spire Global – 175 satellites
  • SpaceX – 11,943 satellites
  • Swarm – 150 satellites
  • Telesat – 117 satellites (CANADA)
  • Theia Holdings – 120 satellites
  • Umbra Lab – 6 satellites
  • Viasat – 24 satellites

​Applications for 65,912 satellites pending before the FCC:

  • Amazon (Kuiper) – 4,538 additional satellites
  • AST & Science – 243 satellites
  • Astra Space – 13,620 satellites
  • Boeing – 5,789 additional satellites
  • Black Sky Global – 14 additional satellites
  • Fleet Space Technologies – 40 satellites (AUSTRALIA)
  • Hughes Network Systems – 1,440 satellites
  • Inmarsat – 198 satellites(UNITED KINGDOM)
  • Kepler Communications – two additional constellations of 360 satellites and 212 satellites(CANADA)
  • Lynk Global – 10 satellites (HONG KONG)
  • Maxar Technologies – 12 satellites
  • New Spectrum – 30 satellites (CANADA)
  • OneWeb – 6,368 additional satellites (UNITED KINGDOM)
  • Orbital Sidekick – 6 satellites
  • SN Space Systems – 1,190 satellites (UNITED KINGDOM)
  • SpaceX – 30,000 additional satellites
  • Telesat – 1,554 additional satellites (CANADA)
  • Terra Bella – 24 satellites(15 already operating)
  • Viasat – 264 additional satellites

Constellations totaling 14,872 satellites announced by governments:

  • Guowang – 12,992 satellites (CHINA)
  • Roscosmos – 264 satellites named Marathon (RUSSIA)
  • Roscosmos – 640 satellites named Sfera (RUSSIA)
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – 20 satellites (U.S. MILITARY)
  • Space Development Agency – 500 satellites (U.S. MILITARY)
  • UN:IO – 400 satellites (EUROPEAN COMMISSION)
  • Yaogan – 76 satellites (already operating) (CHINESE MILITARY)

See the rest of the list of satellite launches here.

Arthur reports on many concerns, including:

The World’s Largest Garbage Pit

“[ ] not only do thousands of whole satellites threaten the heavens, but a phenomenal amount of debris orbits the earth as a result of satellites colliding, or exploding, or otherwise being destroyed while in space. During the 64 years that humans have been launching rockets, the protective blankets of the ionosphere and magnetosphere have become the Earth’s largest garbage pit.

According to the European Space Agency there are, in orbit around the Earth today, 7,790 intact satellites, of which 4,800 are functioning. Since 1957, there have been more than 630 breakups, explosions, collisions, and other satellite-destroying events. This has resulted in the creation of more than 9,700 tons of space debris. There are, in orbit today:

30,430 debris objects presently being tracked

36,500 objects larger than 10 cm in size

1,000,000 objects from 1 cm to 10 cm in size

330,000,000 objects from 1 mm to 1 cm in size

Effects On Ozone

In a 2020 paper titled “The environmental impact of emissions from space launches: A comprehensive review,” Jessica Dallas and her colleagues at the University of New South Wales wrote that “ozone depletion is one of the largest environmental concerns surrounding rocket launches from Earth.” [ ]

2020 and 2021 witnessed two of the largest Antarctic ozone holes since measurements began in 1979. The 2020 hole was also the longest-lasting on record, and the 2021 hole was only a few days shorter; larger than the continent of Antarctica, it began in late July 2021 and ended on December 28, 2021. Everyone is still blaming chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which were banned by the Montreal Protocol in 1978. Nobody is looking at rocket launches, of which there were more in 2020 and 2021 than in any previous year. In addition to the 146 orbital launches in 2021, there were 143 sub-orbital launches of rockets to over 80 kilometers in altitude, for a total of 289 high-altitude launches for the year, or almost one every day.

Alteration Of Earth’s Electromagnetic Environment

What everyone is completely blind to is the effect of all the radiation from satellites on the ionosphere, and consequently on the life force of every living thing. The relationship of electricity to qi and prana has escaped the notice of modern humans. Atmospheric physicists and Chinese physicians have yet to share their knowledge with one another. And at this time, such a sharing is crucial to the survival of life on Earth.

“The pure Yang forms the heaven, and the turbid Yin forms the earth. The Qi of the earth ascends and turns into clouds, while the Qi of the heaven descends and turns into rain.” So the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine described the global electric circuit 2,400 years ago — the circuit that is generated by the ionosphere and that flows perpetually between the Yang (positive) heaven and the Yin (negative) earth. The circuit that connects us to earth and sky and that flows through our meridians giving us life and health. A circuit that must not be polluted with frequencies emitted by a hundred thousand satellites, some of whose beams will have an effective power of up to ten million watts. That is sheer insanity, and so far no one is paying attention. No one is even asking whether the satellites have anything to do with the profound and simultaneous decline, planetwide, in the number of insects and birds, and with the pandemic of sleep disorders and fatigue that so many are experiencing. Everyone is so focused on a virus, and on antennas on the ground, that no one is paying attention to the holocaust descending from space.” – Arthur Firstenberg

Where are all of the resources coming to build and power this tsunami, while citizens worldwide are being told to adopt time of use electricity tariffs?

There is an old Chinese proverb about not drinking poison to quench one’s thirst.

Like, satellites monitoring climate.

Enough is Enough by Karine Polwart, Oi Musica & The Soundhouse Choir.

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