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EMF/RF: FCC, Wireless Speak, and the Illusion of Blaming the Other Political Party; Let’s Stop Now

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International, top image courtesy Floris Freshman

“Imagine waking up one morning to a cell tower being installed in your front yard. You were not notified and are not allowed to appeal the decision. There is nothing you can do.  [] On Jan. 10, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors (Board) will vote on changes to Titles 16 and 22 of the L.A. County Code. If the proposed changes pass, wireless facilities will be installed without any prior notice, public hearing or opportunity to appeal — without fire or safety scrutiny and without regard to critical environmental protections. We have seen time and time again that policies adopted in California quickly spread to other states. The Board’s decision may have ramifications for people across the United States.

 If adopted in L.A., similar changes will likely pass throughout California and the rest of the United States, coming to a city near you! Telecom giants will get a free pass to further fast-track the installation of cell towers and small cells in your yards and next to your children’s schools. Due process rights will be stripped away.”  – Children’s Health Defense

Democrats note, this is not a Republican-led campaign and/or proposed abuse of power, human rights, or the environment.

Blaming the Other Political Party?

On March 20, 1854 in Ripon, Wisconsin, 50 men, three women and one child gathered in the Little White Schoolhouse to protest the extension of slavery into the Kansas and Nebraska Territories. They voted to create a new political party.

It would be easy to assume that the new party opposed to slavery was the Democrats.

But the assumption is dead wrong; the date marks the founding of the Republican Party.

If anyone thinks that Republican politicians are the only ones trashing the planet and human health in favor of military and industry $$$$$, you would be dead wrong. Both parties have fallen off of their ethical and moral foundations.  

Terms That Induce the Inability to Reason?

There is a great Monty Python comedy where Jamie Lee Curtiss loses all sense of control because she can’t resist an Italian accent.

Sort of like a Democrat and the words “Jobs Creation” or “Sustainability” or “Data” or “Energy Efficiency” or “Smart City” or “Climate” or “Clean Energy,” – used to overrun human and community rights, and the Rights of Nature.

The Republican Party also has its fair share of terminology that appears to incite a brain-dead state devoid of reason, and some of the words are the same as the Democrats, like “Russia”! And “China”!

And “Reauthorization of Emergency Powers!”

Both Parties Upside Down?

The public is beginning to recognize that in many alarming ways, the parties are the same. The delusion that choosing one party over the other ‘matters’ regarding truth is in its’ death throes.  Perhaps nowhere is this clearer than in regard to wireless politics.

U.S. Republican Party upside downU.S. Democratic Party upside down
“5G for Military Prowess”“5G to address Climate Emergency”
“Innovation, 5G Remote Battlefield Surgery”“Equal Access to Remote Health Care”
“Beat China in the Race to 5G”“Economic Sanctions for China!”
“Economic and corporate growth”“Economic and corporate growth”
“Facilitate Growth of Wealth by Limiting Health and Environmental Protections for Wireless”“Facilitate Growth of Wealth by Limiting Health and Environmental Protections for Wireless”
“Ignore Human Rights, Community Rights, Environmental Justice to Enable Economic Expansion”“Ignore human Rights, Community Rights, Environmental Justice to Enable Economic Expansion Under the Guise of Sustainability”
“Protect American Dominance”“Protect America’s Need to Safeguard the Planet from Threats to Democracy”
“Space Force!”” Full Spectrum Dominance!”“Space Force!” “Full Spectrum Dominance!
“Re-authorization of Emergency Powers!”“Re-authorization of Emergency Powers!”
“Entitlement to Other Nation’s Resources for Gas, Oil”“Entitlement to Other Nation’s Resources for Electric Vehicles ”
“Entitlement to Space for War”“Entitlement to Space for Defense”
“Entitlement to Underwater Environment”“Protect Underwater Environment w/wireless”
“Smart Cities”“Smart Cities”
Politics Upside Down

The assumption that the Democrats are the ones safeguarding human health, human rights, economic justice, and the environment is, unfortunately, dead wrong. Both parties are justifying exploitation; they just do it differently.  The Democrats are simply pretending, and/or deluding themselves. They love to portray themselves as the good guys, knights in shining armor, while overrunning democratic ideals.

Regardless of recent political regime changes, the wireless paradigm and its destructive impact on health and environment is careening out of control.

Politicians are drunk on wireless contributions, the military is drunk on wireless, we are drunk on wireless, the public is being indoctrinated about wireless through industry channels including advertising, the regulator is captured by the industry it is supposed to control, and the science pipeline is corrupted.

The assumption that humans from either party can continue to pummel the nature environment and themselves with layer upon layer of manmade artificial frequencies is also dead wrong, mirroring the recognitions outlined in Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” about chemicals, and the history of asbestos.  Industry and finance were drunk on both of those, too, for decades.

From Asbestos to Wireless

We are living the century of a military-industrial paradigm not unlike the story of asbestos, for those willing to recognize the storyline.

A timeline of Asbestos history was compiled by Mesotheliomahelp.org,

1858 Birth of Asbestos in U.S. Industry Johns Company began mining fibrous anthophyllite in 1858 for use as asbestos insulation at the Ward’s Hill quarry, Staten Island, New York. The Industrial Revolution saw a marked increase in asbestos production and use in North America, with the first commercial asbestos mine opening in 1874 in Quebec.

1918 U.S. Government Recognizes Asbestos Risk The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics releases a report that reveals abnormally high risk of early death among asbestos workers.

1930 Discovery of Asbestosis Dr. E.R.A. Merewether publishes first clinical examination of hundreds of workers in the asbestos industry. He found that one out of four workers was suffering from asbestosis. Dr. Merewether further concluded: That asbestosis was a disease of latency, i.e. that workers exposed to asbestos wouldn’t show signs of injury for many years; That asbestos dust had to be controlled through ventilation and the use of respirators. That workers exposed to asbestos should be informed and warned in order to assure a “sane appreciation of the risk.”That the finished products created dust that should be controlled and minimized.Dr. Merewether’s medical description of asbestos disease mirrors exactly the description of the disease today. His recommendations, if fully implemented by the asbestos industry, would have saved tens of thousands of lives and injuries to American workers.

1930s Industry Regulations on UK Asbestos Factories Dr. Merewether and his research partner, Dr. C.W. Price, published a report demonstrating that asbestosis was occurring in workers with as little as nine months of exposure. Thanks to their discoveries, industry regulations were placed on British asbestos factories to protect workers who were exposed to the material. However, the regulations did not apply to workers in other industries who installed or handled asbestos as part of their job.

1933 Asbestosis First Reported in America The first report of asbestosis in an American insulation worker came in 1933, though it is speculated that the disease had simply been misdiagnosed as tuberculosis or other pulmonary diseases before then. The Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. found asbestosis in 29 percent of workers in a Johns-Manville asbestos factory, leading to settlements in lawsuits filed by 11 sick employees.

 1934 Link Between Workplace Asbestos Exposure and Cancer Discovered Researchers report cases of asbestosis and lung cancer in an asbestos factory.

 1942 Warnings of Cancer Risk From Asbestos Exposure Researchers report that lung cancer in building trades workers is likely caused by asbestos. In 1949, Dr. Heuper warns that asbestos was a cancer risk to the general population. By this time there were over 200 references in the widely available literature regarding asbestos and disease.  1943 First Mesothelioma-Like Tumor Reported The first case of a mesothelioma-like tumor is reported by Dr. Welder in a German study.  1947 More Links Between Asbestosis and Lung Cancer Established Dr. Merewether finds that 13% of asbestosis cases also had cancer of the lungs or pleura.

 1949 Mainstream Acceptance of Harm Caused by Asbestos Encyclopedia Britannica lists asbestos as a recognized cause of occupational and environmental cancer. The Journal of the American Medical Association concludes that asbestos is probably linked to occupational cancer.” Mesotheliomahelp.org

Yet, a guide to Asbestos in Schools notes, “About half of all schools in the U.S. were built between 1950 and 1969 —a time when asbestos was added to virtually every kind of building material to increase durability and fire resistance.

At that time, the general public wasn’t aware of the health dangers of asbestos exposure. Products containing asbestos do not pose a threat if left intact and undisturbed. But most of these materials are now deteriorating and can be easily damaged during negligent maintenance work or improper abatement procedures.”

“When asbestos products are damaged or wear down over time, they put students, teachers and other school employees at risk of asbestos exposure. Inhaling or ingesting microscopic asbestos fibers can lead to serious health conditions, such as asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma, decades after exposure. Asbestos is the primary cause of mesothelioma. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that there are asbestos-containing materials in most of the nation’s primary, secondary and charter schools.

Even though asbestos was recognized as harmful in 1918, it was used in schools from about 1959 to 1970?

With asbestos, accurate observations of risk came from health experts and their patients. With wireless, we are not currently collecting statistics of harm caused by radiofrequency exposures, because we prefer to be in denial that damage is occurring, and to characterize symptoms as a psychological condition. Like asbestosis, microwave illnesses are being misdiagnosed. The doctor carrying a pack of cigarettes in his pocket has been replaced by the doctor carrying a cell phone and spending more time looking at the wireless device than the patient.

SRITA – Stanford Research into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising

The lag time between early evidence of harm and corrective action can be longer than a human lifetime, indicating that delay by one generation can cause enduring damage to future generations. In the same manner that thousands of injuries and deaths could have been prevented if Dr. Merewether’s recommendations about asbestos had been adopted, not applying precaution to wireless harm is creating future avoidable carnage, waste, and economic and environmental burdens for future generations.

image courtesy Floris Freshman


The FCC is off the rails, even though in 2021, a Federal Court ordered the FCC to explain why the agency ignored scientific evidence showing harm from wireless radiation. It started back in 1996.

The FCC is still running roughshod over the country, with the paid-off political elite failing to require the FCC to respond to the court ruling. Neither party wants to address the economic consequences, or the loss of surveillance, control, and military prowess. And both parties, but especially the Democrats, are culpable. Republicans raised the privacy issue early on.

The wireless industry, which created the digital divide, plays both sides of the political divide. While the Trump administration played the War/Beat China in the Race to 5G card, the Biden administration is portraying their brand of abuse as equal access to remote health consultations and equal access to energy savings from smart meters, which is the moral equivalent of equal access to asbestos.

The Democrats have conflated the benefits of connectivity with the benefits of wireless, and are attempting to pass off costly, ineffective, discriminatory grid interventions as energy savings and sustainability, and supposed ‘clean’ energy initiatives as responsible stewardship of planetary resources, while outsourcing harm to other nations.

There is hope. Either party can bring integrity into the mix. Bruce Kushnick, writing for Medium, asks, “How much money does it take to block a proposed FCC Commissioner from getting appointed?”


There are two kinds of public servants. One is the public servant who recognizes responsibility for the protection of the next seven generations. The other kind has been bought multiple times for over seven decimal points $,$$$,$$$.00, from either party.

The public is coming to realize that any politician bought and paid for by industry is a danger, as they witness grave derelictions of duty.

Perhaps neither party wants an FCC majority, because each party wants to keep kicking the can down the road.

Sheffield, Massachusetts is one community attempting to stand up to the wireless industry, intending to declare a moratorium on 5G.  Like smart meter battles in Worcester, MA and elsewhere, both Democrats and Republicans have plenty of reasons to oppose the wireless industry’s overrun of common sense, compassion, and the ability to reason and to learn from the experiences of the past, including tobacco and asbestos.

Bipartisan support from independent thinkers who are not willing to be divided by party lines by an industry that seeks to control the entire narrative in its favor can change the course of history.

As “Scientists Find Something Strange in Brain Scans of Kids Hooked on Social Media”, like asbestos, – antennas and towers don’t belong near homes or on school properties. Greed has altered the shape of our hearts and minds. Wireless has gained remote control of the amygdala. We cannot recover individual self-sovereignty until we protect the brain itself from assault, restore the right to restful sleep, and halt the industry dismissal of individuals being unnaturally induced by damaging artificial frequencies.

Let’s not wait a century to reign in wireless? Question these party platforms.

URGENT: Take Action for Wireless Safety and Transparency! (salsalabs.org)

“We stand now where two roads diverge. But unlike the roads in Robert Frost‘s familiar poem, they are not equally fair. The road we have long been traveling is deceptively easy, a smooth superhighway on which we progress with great speed, but at its end lies disaster. The other fork of the road — the one less traveled by — offers our last, our only chance to reach a destination that assures the preservation of the earth.”- Rachel Carson

Either good Democrats or good Republicans can start to bend the arch of justice. It would be even better if it were a humble, bipartisan effort. and if we could begin working again with both brain hemispheres and an informed heart.

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