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Free The Sky ( was launched in November 2020 to publicize the threats from aerospace and global Wi-Fi. Though there was an initial flurry from the San Francisco Chronicle ads that linked to the site, after that, there have been virtually no visitors since that time.  Please help: 

A. If you are on Twitter, Tweet out #freethesky and link to the article.

B. Post this link in comments to articles on space. It is an overview of the problems with references.

C. Push Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

Right now, rockets are launching satellites for 5G and military weapons systems. Cities worldwide are being seduced with plans for space ports for tourism. Aerospace companies as well as others such as car manufacturers are rushing forward with plans for more space networks, and the U.S. is conducting military trainings and drills to link up space and earth 5G for war and commercial dominance. Exploding rockets and falling, burning satellites and debris are increasing. Moon and Mars mission plans are being ramped up. All of this is and will continue to have devastating effects to our planet. 

Rockets Destroy Ozone and Cause Climate Change – Aerospace Programs’ Deadly Impacts to the Earth
“The ozone layer … continues to deteriorate despite international action such as the ban on CFCs. The Antarctic ozone hole is becoming permanent year-round, and the soothing green and blue on NASA’s maps actually signifies low ozone levels. The aerospace industry is a major factor in this problem. Dallas et al. (2020): [O]zone depletion is one of the largest environmental concerns surrounding rocket launches from Earth.”

“There is no environmental oversight. Researchers including Martin Ross, Darin Toohey, and James Vedda have repeatedly warned the industry, but industry and governments are escalating space funding and programs instead.”

“Prior to 2021, 2000 satellites were in orbit around the Earth. Then in 2021, 2800 satellites were launched — more than doubling the total in just one year. However, the FCC has approved 17,270 low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellites. 65,912 more LEO applications are pending. Governments and private companies plan an additional 30,947+….”

“These programs will acceleratingly destroy the ozone layer which is essential to protect the Earth and life. NASA discovered in 2007 that UV-C and UV-B were already reaching the Earth and failed to act. UV radiation is having lethal effects on species now.”

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