How to Hold the FCC and FDA Accountable? The Public’s Legal Rights and Remedies

This webinar will discuss recent landmark cases currently in litigation that raise a common set of legal questions:

  • What are the consequences for U.S. society when federal agencies themselves act in flagrant defiance of the U.S. Constitution, treaty obligations, federal and state laws, and actively encourage anti-social behavior and other actions by private corporations?
  • What are the legal rights and practical remedies of consumer, environmental, and human rights organizations, and empowered local communities to challenge and check overreach by our own government?
  • What are the constraints on government actions allegedly justified during a state of emergency?
  • What are the limitations on the regulatory compliance defense?
  • How is the present 5G/AI/Internet of Things/Satellite Juggernaut similar to, yet far different from previous assaults on public safety and wellbeing—safety belts, cigarettes, asbestos, lead paint, fluoride in drinking water, and Roundup?
  • What if the Juggernaut becomes irreversible?
  • What legal tools are available to restore a sane and compassionate balance?


  • Julian Gresser, Of Counsel, Swankin & Turner, Co-Founder Broadband International Legal Action Network (BBILAN) and The BALANCE Group
  • James S. Turner, Founder Swankin & Turner, Co-Founder, The BALANCE Group
  • Ben Levi, Co-Founder BBILAN and The BALANCE Group

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2021 Legal Webinar Series

Legal Ethics in the Wireless Age: Time for Change?

Wednesday, September 15, 10:30 am PDT


A robot is a type of automated machine without a Heart that can execute specific tasks with little or no human intervention and with speed and precision. Is a corporation a legal robot?

The purpose of this Ringside Seat format webinar is to take a hard look at generally unasked questions of attorneys’ professional responsibility to corporate clients in the Age of 5G, AI, Internet of Things, and the Commercial Space Grab.

  • What is an attorney’s professional duty, if any, when a client is engaged in anti-social and sociopathic behavior?
  • Is it ethical for a lawyer to take advantage of a victim’s poverty and inability to finance his defense, and thereby place him in mortal danger?
  • As officers of the court, how forthright and truthful must attorneys be in submitting evidence that is based on false and misleading statements encouraged by government agencies themselves?
  • Given the 2017 ABA Report on Wellness in the Legal Profession, which documents the high percentage of burnout, drug and alcohol addiction, and suicide among lawyers, what price in compromised mental and emotional health are attorneys willing to pay in justifying actions in support of anti-social behavior by clients–when their own conscience might counsel them to advise their clients otherwise? Is an attorney’s unwillingness to attend to his or her own health, impaired by consistently supporting anti-social behavior of clients, a violation of an attorney’s own professional responsibility to deliver wise and effective counsel in the best interest of a client?
  • Is a corporation’s sole responsibility to increase its profits and to put money in the pockets of its shareholders? How can lawyers reconcile the narrowly defined Codes of Professional Responsibility with today’s growing mandate for corporate social and environmental responsibility?
  • We do not contend or assume that there’s only one “right,” “socially acceptable,” “ethical,” and “scientifically correct” position on these complex, controversial, and unsettled issues. Yet, as attorneys, what can we practically do to help our clients avoid human and environmental tragedies, and encourage advances in science, technology, and economic development that will contribute to true prosperity and happiness in an uncertain and conflicted world?

Moderator: Doug Wood, Co-Founder, Americans for Responsible Technology (approval pending)


  • Julian Gresser, Of Counsel Swankin & Turner, Washington DC. Co-Founder, Broadband International Legal Action Network (BBILAN) and The BALANCE Group
  • Robert Berg, Attorney, Member BBILAN and The BALANCE Group


  • Dr. Brian Moench, Author: Death by Corporation, former faculty member Harvard Medical School
  • Melissa Allain, Attorney, California Lawyers Association
  • James S. Turner, Founder Swankin & Turner,  Co-founder The BALANCE Group
  • Professor Peter Murray, Harvard Law School
  • Professor Robert Lutz, Southwestern Law School, ABA Panel on International Ethics
  • Joe Sandri, Attorney, Co-founder The BALANCE Group

Ringside Seat Format: Our goal is to present vigorously and fairly clashing perspectives—in this instance the perspective of victims of EMF radiation over-exposure, public interest organizations and the perspective of the wireless carriers and cell phone companies. Julian Gresser will present the former position; Robert Berg, an experienced corporate attorney and litigator, will advance the industry lawyer’s perspective. The panelists will serve as jury, judges, and inquisitors who will refine and deepen the discussion.


  • Dr. Brian Moench — Death by Corporation: Killing Humankind in the Age of Monster Corporations and The Great Brain Robbery: Why Women Have Become Smarter Than Men–Science With an Attitude
  • Julian Gresser — The Art of Human Centered Lawyering

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BBILAN July 14 webinar video:

Protecting the Heavens: Finding a reasonable and wise balance in the accelerating commercialization of Outer Space

is now posted on our website.
Featuring (in order):
Ben Levi, Julian Gresser, Joe Sandri, Jim Turner
along with special presentations by Sue Grey (NZ)
and Jessica Learmond-Criqui (UK)

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