How to Organize a Successful Stop 5G Protest

We are living through pivotal times, and many of us sense the urgency of speaking out about the injustices of 5G. But organizing a protest can for sure feel daunting. September 26th marks the next Global 5G Protest Day, and we’re all needed now.

How to Organize a Successful Stop 5G Protest offers concise and practical advice on how to get started.

Link to PDF:

In addition, as organizer, you will want to be well-informed about 5G. But if you’re reading this, likely you are already versed in the harms of 5G and the benefits of Safer Wired Technology (aka SafeG) – wired to all homes and businesses with the idea of reducing exposure to wireless radiation over time.

To brush up on the many and multifaceted downsides of 5G, there are many useful websites. Following are a few to get started:

Wishing you much success!!!

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