Message from Magda Havas about Dr. Zory Glaser’s 4000 documents.

Some of you may know that Dr. Zory Glaser was one of the top microwave health experts in the U.S. He held a number of military and government positions and after he retired he donated his collection of references to Dr. Magda Havas. Many of these documents were classified for decades but are now declassified and available at

It has taken us a long time to scan almost 4000 documents, some consisting of hundreds of pages, and to make them searchable. There are quite a few gems dating back to the early 1900s. I reviewed some of these documents a few years ago and these are available on my website (

The references can be searched by keyword, title, first author and date of publication. You can read these documents online, download them free of charge, post them on your website and share them with others.

We invite scholars interested in these documents to write short overviews of some of the more useful and relevant finds and post those overviews on Zory’s website. If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact me ( with a subject heading “Zory’s Archive”. There are some gems among the references and when you find them let us know. Enjoy the search and feel free to share this email with others.


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