Mobile phone liability initiative wants to hold 5G operators accountable

The mobile phone liability initiative wants to hold 5G operators accountable Licensees should be liable for damage caused by radiation from broadcasting systems.

The collection of signatures for the mobile phone liability initiative is entering its final spurt this week. The initiative stipulates that licensees are liable for damage caused by the operation of mobile radio transmission systems.

According to the initiators, “countless independent studies … have shown that cell phone radiation can damage people and animals and make them sick. Thanks to 5G technology, the intensity of the radio waves has now reached a level where we can no longer stand idly by ».

Liability should be regulated in the constitution as follows:

  1. The licensee is liable for personal injury or property damage caused by the operation of a transmitter system for mobile communications or for wireless subscriber connections.
  2. Liability only ceases if the licensee provides evidence that the damage was not caused by the operation of the transmitter.
  3. If the licensee is not also the owner of the transmitter, both are jointly and severally liable

The initiative is by no means a concern of cell phone opponents: “Even those who claim that damage from cell phone radiation has not been proven can sign here. Because there is only liability for real damage. ”

The collection of signatures is still ongoing this week, the sheets must be submitted by Friday, June 25th at the latest. to the appropriate regional secretariat.

The 5G network is being expanded at a rapid pace worldwide, especially during lockdowns (see e.g. Spain), despite the potential health risks: Scientific evidence of connections between 5G radiation and impairment of the immune system is available and is being discussed controversially.

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