More Medusa Mother’s Day, MAYDAY: 5G, Wireless Tech vs. Health — Part 2

We are transitioning from our series of articles regarding the difference between May Day and MayDay, to articles recognizing Mother’s Day.  As a reminder, MayDay is an international distress signal, and May Day is an observation of one of the cross-quarters found in the solar calendar. Early wisdom cultures recognized the cyclical patterns of nature, based in part on how the full and new moons revolved around the cross quarters. Auspicious times for planting, breeding of animals, timing of the spring thaw, and varying yearly weather conditions were observed, and systematized, with an understanding of the implications for human health. For example, the 60-year lunar solar calendar, recognized over 2,000 years ago in China, points to a focus of the Liver for the 2021 Year of the Ox, which did not start arbitrarily on Jan. 1, but began when the New Moon Chinese New Year actually occurred.  And the 60-year cycle, like the Meridians, has not been recognized in the West.

The lack of recognition of time as frequency has led humans to lose access to accumulated guidance for sustainable living on Earth. For example, the demand for artificial chemicals (fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, fumigants, etc) in farming is sourced from swimming against the tides of nature.

It is the right of everyone to understand that as the Moon’s gravitational pull causes tides to rise and fall, it affects moisture in the soil, and in bodies. Humans absorb at the full moon and detoxify at the new moon. This rhythm forms the basis of the efficient application of healing practices, at the right time in proper proportion. This offers a far superior sustainability than any data that could be transmitted from wireless water meters, or the export of damaging, polluting human technologies to the Moon or Mars. This right to Earth-informed wisdom has been taken away through centuries of domination cultures, including the church and the burning of witches.

Now, many artificial “sustainability” paradigms are prevailing.

But increasing numbers of individuals are recognizing that this Age represents not just a question of whether wireless technology is fast enough, ubiquitous enough, who can be the first to get a new phone, or whether or not certain ‘divides’ are addressed. The question is simply whether human endeavor acts with, or against, Nature. For a century, “time” has been a commodity to be “saved” through the unconscious, unthinking applications, including, for example, connected diapers. Much of the advertising that accompanies consumer products focuses on convenience and choice, offering even more time and more ways for consumers to be unconscious about the impacts of their decisions.

In addition to wanton chemical use, wireless is a paradigm in urgent need of scrutiny. Decisions to “save time” while ignoring planetary and environmental costs and human suffering are accelerating, with the marketing promises and forced installations of what is referred to as 5G.

The inability to recognize warning signs is more rampant in cultures that have embraced stress as the norm, and that do not seek to preserve the essential healthy balance between the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems, between exertion and rest.

Medusa Banana Veranda, who hails from the same planet as the Little Prince, outlined seven areas of human health illiteracy that threaten the quality of life for every living being on the planet Earth in yesterday’s article: Mother’s Day MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY: 5G, Wireless Tech vs. Health.

She noted,

  1. The skin is not the first line of defense against the external environment. The energetic field surrounding the physical body is the first line of defense against the external environment.
  2. Dry eyes and dry nostrils are not caused by hydration and not addressed via hydration.
  3. The ojas corresponds to the resiliency of the nervous system and hormones. RF is burning the ojas.
  4. Microwave hearing is not tinnitus.
  5. EMF damage varies by constitution. “Rebellious chi” is rebellious chi. Barfing unnaturally is an alert.
  6. EMF damage varies by time, because time is energy and frequency.
  7. Children and being misdiagnosed with behavioral issues; in many cases they may be experiencing undue stress because their brains are dehydrated, compressed, and overheated.

It is corporations and economic interests, and not children, who are behaving badly.

Medusa is back today with additional insights about areas of misunderstanding or willful ignorance, regarding human health and environmental impacts of radio frequencies. She is increasingly agitated that too many unethical humans are torturing laboratory animals in experiments that, by design, intentionally corrupt science. And that the use of provocation studies (which should never have seen the light of day) continues to be accepted to negate apparent suffering.

What is passing as science is unjustified. This can be addressed via observation, reason, compassion, and wisdom traditions refined by our ancestors – our mother’s mother’s mothers.

Medusa reminds us that her musings are for entertainment purposes only, because we’re in a Dark Age where we can’t talk about health, especially regarding wireless.

1 – The ears and head are not appendages! Medusa explained; A grandmother told me the story of her 3-year old grandson who was on powerful psych drugs to manage his behavioral issues. One thing that his physicians could not explain is why his ears were so bright red, so much of the time.

The ears are not just sense organs for hearing; the ears are literally antennas that communicate the conditions of the outer environment to the internal, interconnected energy system. Medusa sobbing,

“The headbone IS connected to the tailbone! You have antennas! Your ears!”

Through observation and holistic thinking, Chinese healers recognized that points in the ear could stimulate or sedate the action of the  deep internal organs. As seen in the picture, the ear corresponds to the fetus. Entire schools of acupuncture are based on stimulating points in the ear. Red and painful ears are an alarm that something is amiss in the external EMF environment. The child should be evaluated to see which electromagnetic frequencies may be disrupting the child’s blood sugar, digestion, action of the blood brain barrier, and/or other physiological functions, depending on the individual child. The symptoms should not be routinely addressed by drugs that produce side-effects, but instead by bringing the outer environment into harmony and thereby producing a healthy internal environment. Microwave hearing also demonstrates that RF can hijack homeostasis. Declines in children’s health are an alarm. Children’s health is declining. Medusa, sobbing: Nelson Mandela said, “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” How can you sacrifice children’s health to fuel your economy? Like Peter, Paul and Mary asked, “How many ears must one man have, to hear people cry?”

2 – Many elderly patients diagnosed with age-related neurological decline, like children, may have brains that are dehydrated, compressed, and overheated. Neurological decline is occurring at younger and younger ages, and is a sky-rocketing cause of death in older women. The integrity of the inner brain environment is breached as the blood brain barrier is damaged by RF/EMF exposures. Like cancer and cardio-vascular disease, public education focusing on prevention can stem to the tide of unnecessary, exorbitantly expensive disease and suffering. Medusa: The glymphatic system can’t detoxify the brain when the skull is compressed. You only just discovered that it even exists!” Cranial-sacral therapy is not “alternative” medicine, its essential.” Skyrocketing neurological illnesses and deaths are related to your sky-rockets!

3 – Many individuals are experiencing issues with their joints; knees, hips, shoulders, spine, jaw. When a human had to run away from a tiger over terrain filled with rocks and tree roots, the body was better protected from a fall or injury if the joints were tightened as part of the emergency response. Over time, via injuries and imbalances, as noted by the late chiropractor Bill Maykel, the body accumulates mal-adaptive patterns of stress (MAPS) which will grind away at the joints. The body was not designed to function in a chronic state of armored guarding, or inactivity either. Exposure to microwave radiofrequencies elicits a stress response in growing numbers of individuals, who have lost the ability to sustain homeostasis, through no fault of their own. Medusa: “Pain and suffering was not the plan for this planet! This is a garden!”

4 – In many cases, what is perceived as anxiety and other emotional challenges may actually be energetic chaos in humans who are out of synch with the natural electromagnetic environment. Humans promoting wireless will not admit that when physiology is unnaturally altered by an external agent, that there is disruption to health and well-being. When a person is suddenly startled awake at night with a racing heart, they may perceive that they are experiencing a panic attack. This is especially true because communities are not informed about the introduction of artificial frequencies into the environment, especially at night. Affected individuals don’t need psych meds. They need a restorative, unpolluted environment and restful uninterrupted sleep.  Medusa notes: This is because researchers take the temperature of a plastic head filled with the equivalent of Jello to support claims of safety; and because scientists are debating what constitutes a “health effect” that leads to disease. Off with heads of the plastic heads!

5 – Sleep Deprivation is a form of torture, and sleep interruption should be quantified and investigated in the home environment. Sleep research that does not monitor physiology in direct relationship to accurate measurements of RF/EMF is inapplicable to the question of diagnosis and “treatment,” especially when mitigation, and not medication, is the appropriate response. Medusa:  Thich Nhat Hanh said, “Keeping your body healthy is a prayer of gratitude to the whole cosmos, the trees, the clouds, everything.” Sanctifying sleep is a prayer of gratitude. No corporate or surveillance agenda should be enabled to destroy a person’s necessary naps and sweet dreams.

6 – The tobacco industry delayed science by focusing only on lung cancer. Cancer has a long gestation period and lends itself to massive legal challenges regarding cause and effect. Concentrating on the question of brain cancer in cellphone users is inhumane when increasing microwave poisoning and the use of microwave radiation as a weapon is apparent. Nonetheless, the cancer link has been established by two major landmark studies already that corrupt science is suppressing. Epidemiology is not a substitute for premarket safety testing. Medusa: And the old ones, the trees, need protection too. Look at everything! Don’t do this AGAIN!

7 – Fertility issues are not normal. Gray hair in young people in their 30s is not normal. Childhood cancer is not normal. These may be symptoms of loss of kidney jing. “Jing – translated as Essence, a very precious substance, should be guarded and not wasted.”

Medusa: “You are supposed to be Forever Young.”

What distinguishes a “human” is the expression of the brain, and the heart. When radiofrequencies hijack the internal homeostasis of the brain and the heart, they hijack humanity’s essence. And the brain and the heart is where the tumors were found in those laboratory animals, sacrificed so that the science could be decided.

Moving to Mars won’t solve these problems.

Tech-oriented humans enthralled with their wireless Inventions are disconnected from the Earth and their bodies. Therefore, there is no feedback loop regarding unintentional consequences. For example, is removing the Gall Bladder the equivalent of removing the warning light on the dashboard? Why yes, it is!

What we have is huge advertising budgets and no safety testing and monitoring.

This is why German doctors are seeking a course correction.

It is not enough to plant a garden, compost and recycle, although those are all good. Humans must lay down their weapons of mass distraction and hold themselves accountable to work in the best interests of the wider community and future generations. “Community” includes those who mothers and grandmothers and their loved ones who are suffering in the thickening soup of electrosmog. They are the canaries, and this is a bridge too far.  “And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” – Little Prince





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