Simone Biles, Olympics, and the One Question that No One Dares to Ask

On July 31, MSN reported, “Simone Biles out of two events – Simone Biles will not take part in the vault and uneven bars event finals as she continues to battle the “twisties.”  Biles “‘will continue to be evaluated daily to determine whether to compete in the finals for floor exercise and balance beam,’” USA Gymnastics said in a statement.”

An earlier report from USA Today describes “the twisties.”

What are the “twisties?”

Gymnasts hone a sense of air awareness over years, and by the time they reach elite-level gymnastics, they have the muscle memory to complete a skill that matches what they are seeing during it. But when someone gets the twisties, they disconnect.

“The rhythm is off, and your brain will like stutter step for half a second, and that’s enough to throw off the whole skill,” 2016 Olympic gold medalist Laurie Hernandez told

A judge who spoke with GymCastic co-host Kensley Behel compared it to a baseball player with the yips or a golfer shanking the ball. “Having the ‘twisties’ means that her inner gyroscope which gives her the cat-like ability to land on her feet isn’t working quite right,” Behel tweeted. “In Simone’s case, her body is the equivalent of the ball. If she can’t determine which way is up while flipping and twisting in the air, it can have catastrophic results.”


On July 20, Natural Blaze published the article: 2021, An Olympic 5G, Making The Case For Independent EMF/RF Monitoring For EMF/RF Surveillance, Weaponry, Cheating, Experiments, Or Whatever raising the question of whether or not exposures to  invisible wireless radio frequencies might be intentionally weaponized at the Japan Olympics, to either enhance or to interfere with an athlete’s performance.

Perhaps there is no purposeful mal-intent, but perhaps another explanation is true.

Perhaps Simone Biles Is Demonstrating To The World That a Pulse Of Microwave Radiation Alters Brain Function?

Under normal circumstances it may be imperceptible? And it may be that some people react and/or to only certain frequencies, or at certain times?

But do we have the courage, wisdom, and political will to ask the right questions?

As the United States  and other nations rush to deploy dual-use surveillance-capable wireless frequencies on the public, from smart meters to smart street lights to 5G antennas to new cellphone towers, a portion of the population has been  reporting adverse health effects.

Source: EMF Safety Network

The media and industry continue to portray the phenomenon as a mental health issue, coining the derogatory term “nocebo.”  Or the more politically correct media and industry voices will note that, although individuals may be experiencing symptoms, there is no evidence they are linked to radio frequency exposures.

Dr. Beatrice Golumb

On the independent science side, researchers like Beatrice Golumb are doing what good researchers do, which is to ask questions, conduct research, and accumulate data.

Dr. Golumb (who worked to secure benefits for Golf War Syndrome illnesses, which were denied by the U.S.  Government), is one of the experts investigating injuries to diplomatic personnel, apparently caused by wireless exposures sources from either surveillance or weaponry. This is recognized as “the Havana Syndrome.”

Dr. Golumb has worked meticulously to investigate and quantify the symptoms and injuries being reported as the result of wireless exposures.

“The Head Bones are Connected”……To Everything

In the presence of an exposure to pulsed microwave radiofrequencies, I recognize that the bony plates in the skull contract in order to attempt to protect the brain.

I explained my realization of how this unfolds in my article Brainwashing Vs. Brainwashing — Eastern And Western Worldviews And Wireless Woes, where I describe the experience of having my nose broken on an acupuncture table.

The meridians, which are the electromagnetic pathways of the human energy field, not recognized in mainstream medicine, are the mechanism that moves the bones.

Should a world-class gymnast experience a small alteration in the alignment of the bones of the skull, it will also affect the sacrum?

For the sailors at the 5G-connected UK Cowes Regatta, the consequences may not be so life-altering, but a Simone Biles mid-air, they could be deadly?

But even more significant is the potential long-term impact on human health of a compressed, dehydrated, pressurized brain, which impairs detoxification, especially in regard to neurological illnesses, which are skyrocketing, especially in American women.


Whether or not brain function is altered in everyone, or not, cannot be determined until we start to investigate.

But perhaps this is one mechanism that can explain the myriad of symptoms reported by those experiencing harm, including brain fog

Little Invisible Antennas

The late Dr. Bill Maykel, a brilliant chiropractor and functional medicine physician practicing in Auburn, Massachusetts, witnessed the impact of radiofrequency exposures from wireless devices on his patients, including the effect of “smart” utility meters.

At his memorial service, his brother Mitchell explained one aspect of Dr. Bill’s intellectual legacy: He realized that when the bony plates in the skull contract, it is as if little invisible antennas that are picking up signals from the cosmos are bent, and consequently, they send the wrong messages to the brain, nervous system, and the master control gland.

In Fact, the Environmental Health Center In Dallas Has Developed Protocols To Determine Which Frequencies An Individual Is Reacting To

Other researchers have also identified damage to the blood brain barrier as a mechanism of harm.

But, unfortunately, there is no transparency or informed consent in the rush to introduce additional juxtapositions of wireless exposures in communities. Those whose physiology detects the pulses, perhaps via disturbed sleep, are sounding the alarm.

Is this what the world is witnessing at the Olympic Games?


Perhaps there is no intent on the part of anyone to cause harm to any of the athletes at the Olympic Games, but perhaps, on the world stage, we are witnessing the inconvenient truth that when the brain is exposed to 5G and other forms of wireless, the brain can, and does, stutter?

Yes to Supporting Mental Health Issues, No to Assuming It’s a Mental Health Issue If There is an Obvious Physical Component

Many viewers, commentators, and women’s rights advocates are inspired by the bravery of the athletes who are speaking out about the mental health challenges inherent in world-class competition, and certainly, the efforts of sincere individuals like Michael Phelps are admirable.

But let’s be very cautious about giving a get-out-of-jail-free card to the wireless industry due to the assumptions widely held about the safety of wireless technology.

By portraying this issue as solely a mental health/head space issue when it may in fact have a very physical basis, we could be holding the evolution of health science back, for decades longer.

Because if you look behind the curtain, is a very, very ugly international tale of corruption and greed, with the wireless industry.

A Safe Environment

MSN wrote,

“Perhaps the easiest way is to recalibrate in a safe environment. In their home gyms or training camps, gymnasts learn new skills into a foam pit or using a harness. It gives them a chance to learn the skill without risking injury on a hard surface.”

This is a historic Olympics in many ways, from revelations about sexism and competitive gear, to covid restrictions, to the media attention to stress.  And, Simone Biles is a remarkable woman deserving of tremendous respect.

But meanwhile, a safe EMF/RF environment is getting harder and harder to find, for many, especially women.

We need to listen.

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