Stop 5G Global Beach Action, Yaverland, Isle of Wight

Today, Sunday 26th of July, people on beaches across the Globe are taking a stand against the roll-out of 5G. Please find enclosed pictures of the Isle of Wight contribution.

Why are people rising?

5G Wireless Technology will vastly increase public and wildlife exposure to harmful pulsed, high-frequency wireless radiation, whilst significantly decreasing privacy and security. Of concern as well is the mega increase in energy consumption, resource extraction, and resultant streams of e-waste, all contributing to environmental damage. This article, which was published in The Ecologist, specifically goes into the Ecological Footprint:

Tens of thousands of scientific papers (links below) have cited apparent connections to the role of EMFs in a multitude of adverse health effects, including depression, infertility, cancer, damage to DNA/gene expression, oxidative stress, pregnancy complications, melatonin production, neurological disorders, immune disfunction, alzheimers/dementia, leukaemia, and many, many more:

Over 1,600 scientific papers can be found here:

Another 4000+ studies can be found here:

Another 1000+ studies here:

And another 23,840 studies also linked here:

Surely, the role of the media includes making the public aware that the overwhelming majority of the scientific research links exposure to EMFs with so many serious adverse health and environmental effects?

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