Greetings Fellow Radiation-Safety Friends,
A Call to Inspire.

In these times when the 5G, RF/microwave smog, satellite, smart ocean, IoT, self-driving cars,  AI, weapons of war, robots, virtual reality, gaming, censorship, screen-addiction juggernaut is infiltrating every aspect of our lives, it’s evermore important we keep our spirits high and the quality of our work inspired.

One way to do so, we believe, is to share SUCCESSTORIES which not only can help raise our spirits, but can also inspire others with ideas or practical tips to further our work.

We would like to dedicate a page on our website to maintaining a growing list of success stories. But to do this, we need your help.

Please send us any Digital Tech-related success story you have been part of or have witnessed – big or small – all stories are welcome.

Send to and include any relevant links or pictures.

With Appreciation,
The Team at Safe Tech International

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