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Many thanks to all of you who have submitted a public comment for our Imminent Hazard Petition with the FDA. We took a pause at the end of January with the sudden passing of our dear friend and tireless consumer protection attorney Jim Turner, but we are back on track, and would be very grateful for your help in closing out the public record with a strong finish!
The Issue:

The Food and Drug Administration is supposed to protect us from wireless radiation but they’ve dropped the ball, leaving us to fend for ourselves against the powerful wireless industry. 

The FDA has used the Imminent Hazard declaration with other pollutants and we are prepared to take legal action to encourage them to do the same with wireless radiation emissions.

But first, we need your help in making the public record as strong as it can be. Please submit a brief, professional-toned public comment by March 15th so that your comments will be on the record when we initiate court action. To see some sample comments, click here.

The more citizen support we can garner, the stronger our case will be with the FDA and, if need be, in the courts. Click the button below, and when asked what your comment is about, please select “Individual Consumer.”

Please share this widely with others via email and social media. And thank you for your ongoing support for our efforts to protect individuals and communities from involuntary exposure to wireless radiation.  

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