Tell the FCC: Protect our health from cellphone radiation!

Environmental Woking Group (EWG) published a peer reviewed study in July 2021 recognizing that current radiofrequency (RF) exposure limits are much too high and increase risks for cancers and cardiomyopathy.  EWG recommended  that  children’s exposure overall be 200 to 400 times lower than the current whole-body exposure limits set by the FCC in 1996 and that adult’s exposure be 20-40 times lower than the current limits Study: Wireless radiation exposure for children should be hundreds of times lower than current federal limits | Environmental Working Group (
EWG has organized a petition to the FCC to protect our health from RF radiation.  Please see the link in the email forwarded below to sign the petition

Microwave sickness is a medical “condition of impaired health reported especially in the Russian medical literature that is characterized by headaches, anxiety, sleep disturbances, fatigue, and difficulty in concentrating and by changes in the cardiovascular and central nervous systems and that is held to be caused by prolonged exposure to low-intensity microwave radiation. “
To read scientific literature from Physicians for Safe Technology on the effects of wireless:

Chances are you’re reading this on a cellphone, Ellie, or on a laptop connected to wireless internet.

Cellphones and the countless other wireless devices we rely on, like your Wi-Fi router, emit radiofrequency radiation. Should you be concerned? The short answer is yes, and here’s why:

  1. The World Health Organization classifies wireless radiation as a possible carcinogen. A recent comprehensive analysis confirmed that regular cellphone use can increase cancer risk. Other studies have linked wireless radiation to issues with children’s brain development, affecting learning, memory and sleep.
  2. The FCC hasn’t updated standards for cellphone radiation since 1996, before Google, Wi-Fi or the iPhone even existed.
  3. In order to protect children’s health, wireless radiation limits should be 200 to 400 times lower than the FCC’s current guidelines, according to EWG scientists.

The bottom line: Wireless radiation is linked to serious health concerns, the FCC’s regulations are dangerously out of date, and we need you to take action today to force the FCC to listen to us.

Wireless devices like cellphones and tablets rely on radiofrequency radiation to transmit signals. This type of radiation has been linked to brain cancer, emotional and hyperactivity disorders in kids, and migraines. The World Health Organization categorizes radiofrequency radiation as possibly carcinogenic to humans.

Although more research is essential, it’s clear the FCC needs to take steps to better protect our health and kids from radiofrequency radiation. Can we count on you to add your name to our petition today?

ADD YOUR NAME: Tell the FCC to update its regulation of cellphone radiation to protect our health!

Thanks for standing with us, Joel.

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