The Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association Inc.  (ORSAA)

The Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (ORSAA) has compiled perhaps the largest database of scientific articles, studies and reports pertaining to EMF effects on all living things and the environment. Great resource for all those working to raise awareness about the actual science of EMFs.

ORSAA Interviews on 5G

On this 12 minute video, many experts speak out about the harms of 5G and the lack of any science showing safety.

A compilation of experts speaking about the biological effects of wireless radiation, giving their opinion as to whether 5G is safe.

Russian book by Professor Yuri G. Grigoriev (PhD, DMedSci) recently translated and adapted for English readers by ORSAA. During the final stages of translation Yuri passed away.

“Yuri had written this book from both his previous research and his experience as a medical professional. He could see the many flaws in the ICNIRP approach where population exposure is based on acute heating only.”

Frequencies used in Telecommunications. An Integrated Radiobiological Assessment
Yuri G. Grigoriev
Translated and adapted by the ORSAA* translation team

Excerpt from the draft of Dr. Yuri Grigoriev’s book “Frequencies used in Telecommunications An Integrated Radiobiological Assessment”.

“Naturally, the introduction of 5G technology in the communications system raises new questions. Firstly, there are the technical requirements for the successful use of this type of communication: a significantly larger number of micro-antenna base stations (i.e., antennas) per unit area with satellite support is needed. Secondly, there is the lack of a consistent methodology for health and safety. Thirdly, thus far, there are only assumptions about the possible biological effects of a lifetime of exposure to MMWs on human populations and ecosystems. There is no long-term data on possible health effects from constant exposure to MMWs on the skin and sclera of the eyes. Targeted research or pre-market testing has not been performed in Russia or other countries prior to implementation of this new technology.” 

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