To all searching hearts longing for inner peace, bliss and love as a state of consciousness

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To all searching hearts longing for inner peace, bliss and love as a state of consciousness

Guest blog by Michael Berstecher


What we call personality refers to only one of two gateways of the human experience of being. It is that of the individual – that which distinguishes one being from another. As long as the second gate is not open, the human experience of “being” remains reduced to this single layer. Most people inevitably and blindly identify only with this first gateway.

The second gate is the experience of being the collective itself. An inwardly experienceable and sensed all-interconnecting, timeless and spaceless ocean of emotions and information. A layer without boundaries.

The simultaneous experience of both layers is that of a nameless observer which recognizes itself and is fully aware in everything s/he perceives and experiences. A completely blissful and self-sufficient state of consciousness and of the greatest all-embracing love.


The union of a non-identified individual personality and a physical body serves as an optimal instrument of experience and vehicle for our sojourn in this world.

In order for the personality, still identified and reduced to the first gate of access, to free itself from the illusion of identification and to fulfill its highest role as an instrument, specific mental and physical preconditions are essential.

These include a mind free of inner barriers and clutter, and a physical body purified and cleansed from environmental toxins. And it also includes optimal stimulation of our cellular metabolism by the electromagnetic frequencies found in the natural electromagnetic environment, without the overlay of artificially generated electromagnetic frequencies.

If these fundamental preconditions coexist, the pineal gland, located in the center of the brain, synthesizes large levels of the endogenous molecule DMT, the essential key to opening the second gateway of experience.

During the earthly sojourn of an individual, universal consciousness interacts with the brain via this gateway. Without DMT, the gateway for universal consciousness remains closed. The individual cannot consciously experience self within the multiplicity, and the nameless One cannot be born into this world through such an individual.

With the second gateway closed, the individual identified personality will be not be able to fulfill its destiny to serve the nameless One as an instrument embodying individual experience within this world of multiplicity, S/he remains confined to the first gateway of identification and hopelessly lost in concepts of the mind regardless of how great the spiritual longing of the individuated personality may be. This is the case even if an individual engages in soul and body work and becomes refined and optimally receptive as an instrument through this valuable preparatory work.


Our cell metabolism, our nervous system, and the pineal gland are optimally electromagnetically stimulated by the imperceptible and subtle impulses of nature – especially the Schumann-resonances and Sferics. Our physical organism wants and needs to “hear” these frequencies in order to synthesize the endogenous second gate opener DMT and to experience inner peace, bliss and love as a state of consciousness.

Nowadays, artificial radio waves, trillions of times more powerful than those found in nature, are superimposed upon natural electromagnetic stimulation fields severing all Beings from nature’s electromagnetic conductors. Through this decoupling, cell metabolism is greatly reduced thereby inhibiting the synthesis of DMT, Serotonin and Melatonin in the pineal gland.

Even if using protective harmonizing tools as currently being marketed to lessen the biological effects of artificial radio waves, the natural but much weaker electromagnetic stimulation signals, essential for all living cells, remain suppressed and, from the perspective being discussed here, largely ineffective.

It is the hubris of the identified personality to believe it can use electromagnetic technologies without consequences. Every single artificial radio source, including the omnipresent 60Hz alternating field of indoor electricity, has the potential to suppress the second gate experience of our interconnectedness, thereby also preventing the realization of our fundamental nature. Already in the 1990s there was published scientific proof of the suppressing effect of weak artificial magnetic fields on synthesis in the pineal gland.


In its whole depth the nameless One seems to be experienceable only in radio dead zones (i.e., areas mostly free from artificially generated electromagnetic fields). Only there can our cell metabolism perceive and receive nature’s most ideal electromagnetic stimulation fields. When in an electromagnetically clean environment, people, who through soul work have prepared themselves well as an instrument, experience this state of “nameless observer” sometimes to their own surprise, and without any further intervention.

There is apparently nothing left to do in that state. Peace, gladness, I am. Unfortunately, this naturally intended permanent state of being usually disappears when re-entering artificial stimulation fields of electrosmog – to be accessed, if at all, only in rare moments of deep meditation, contemplation or interpersonal heart connections.

Nearly all people on the planet (perhaps all beings as well) are affected by this interference of artificially generated radio waves on the natural electrical-magnetic fields.

Those who do not yet know the experience described here will not feel the loss and the inner disconnection from him/herself. Such a person remains driven by an ever-present longing whose actual cause is the loss of the natural process described here. However, unaware of what is really missing, s/he will project this longing onto the world through restless searching to ease the yearning through the consumption of mental, emotional and material things, experiences and projections. Also in the pursuit of so-called “technological advancement” which drives him/her unknowingly yet further into this split and reduced consciousness.

The time has come for a collective transformation of consciousness. This will lead to the very natural and most immediate experience of being an individual in time and space as well as the timeless, non-dual Nameless Observer.

A permanent reunion of both layers of consciousness leads to reawakening of empathy – the natural state that arises from the conscious experience of being One. When we feel everyone and everything as ourselves, we can no longer conceive of harming another being as it would be akin to harming ourselves. This fullest expression of our potential brings us to the highest levels of mindfulness and care for all beings, and will help us to find the way toward a future of deep and peaceful interconnectedness and contentment.


Sferics Video

Electrosmog compared to the electromagnetic “voice” of nature (Sferics) made audible


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  1. great, Michael, thanks for this gift. but don ´ t be afraid. there is hope to get out of the cage for everyone who wants to be the One. at the end of each sentense/word, thought, action is the Nameless fully present. and that is the way to go under all circumstances. be always aware of that gap to the Absolute. there are no frequencies that are not That.
    no one can harm pure consciousness. bodies may be harmed though. but it is easy to see all these bad things coming…
    and going, hopefully. be healthy and blissfully….

  2. Hemispheric balance as a key to inner Unity – The Tables of Chartres – A mind and brain training

    There is a simple but very intensive mediation technique which can directly support the opening of the “second gate” by simultaneously stimulating both hemispheres of the brain. If practiced regularly and in combination with an open heart, this leads to a gradual activation of our full potential.

    More information about this almost forgotten archaic European meditation technique: (download)

    (the writer of the blog)

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