Tuesday 4th of May is Eco-Philosophy Day

The 4th of May is Henryk’s Skolimowski’s Birthday.

Henryk is an Eco-Philosopher who sadly passed away in 2018. His wisdom is needed more than ever:

With 100:000 Broadband satellites approved for the lower stratosphere, endangering the Ionosphere, Magnetsosphere and Ozone Layer and 5G masts popping up around us, the Planet is raspidly being blanketed in harmful Electrosmog as well as locked into an inescapable Electronic Surveillance Grid.

Henryk would have seen through the “smart” green-wash and called it out for what it is: A Crime against Humanity and Planet. One of Henryk’s interests was the Metaphysics of Light: Hopefully soon humans will wake up to see the Light before it is obscured by ever more satellites and ever more high-frequency pulsed radiation….. To help speed up this process, please sign and share these two petitions widely:

INTERNATIONAL APPEAL To the UN, WHO, EU, Council of Europe and governments of all nations: Stop 5G on Earth and in Space: https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/the-appeal


Below are some links + more details on Henryk’s Life and Work and enclosed you will find an wonderful article on Henryk’s Philosophy by his good friend Professor Vir Singh:

World as Sanctuary: The Cosmic Philosophy of Henryk Skolimowski

by David Skrbina and Juanita Skolimowski


The Lotus and the Mud: Autobiography of a Philosopher

by Henryk Skolimowski


A Cosmic Love Story: The Fascinating Universe of a Philosopher

by Vir Singh


Skolimowski, Henryk 5/4/1930 – 4/6/2018 Warsaw, Poland Henryk Skolimowski, 87, resident of Warsaw, Poland, died on Friday 4th of April 2018. — Henryk was born in Warsaw in the interwar period, experiencing as a child the many perils of WW2. He went on to study philosophy at Oxford, earning his PhD in 1964. He taught philosophy at USC for 7 years, moving to U-M in 1970. He taught in the Dept of Humanities, College of Engineering, for over 20 years, before his retirement in 1994. — Henryk was an amazingly prolific and creative philosopher. From his early and ground-breaking work in philosophy of technology, he moved to environmental issues. He was one of the central founders of ‘eco-philosophy,’ envisioning a shift in worldviews from mechanistic thinking towards reverence and stewardship for the Earth and all life. His later work focused on the metaphysics of light as a unifying cosmic principle. In all, he published nearly two dozen books and over 200 articles. Henryk’s exceptional life was one of immense hope and inspiration; he will be deeply missed.

Published in Ann Arbor News from Apr. 9 to Apr. 12, 2018.

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