Wireless Radiation is an Imminent Hazard

Dear FDA: Wireless Radiation is
an Imminent Hazard

Our friends at Americans for Responsible Technology (ART) have created an incredible opportunity for us to help
move the needle to safe technology.

ART has filed an historic legal petition with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asking them to declare the radiation
from wireless infrastructure and devices an
imminent hazard to public safety.

Most assume our government has done a formal investigation of the peer-reviewed science on wireless radiation exposures —
but it hasn’t, and it’s the FDA’s job to do so.

The FDA continues to allow public radiation levels shown to be biologically harmful in peer-reviewed studies throughout the world.

Please File a Comment Today

Our help is needed to provide the impetus for the FDA to do a formal assessment. Please take a moment to tell the FDA why we need  wireless radiation protections.

  • Have you or someone you know been directly harmed?
  • Have you invested considerable time investigating this issue because the FDA hasn’t?
  • Are your children suffering from radiation exposure at school?
  • Were you harmed at work by wi-fi routers or devices?
  • Are close-range or line-of-site cell antennas impacting you where you live, work, learn, worship or play?
  • Did you get sick when utility “smart” meters went in?
  • Have you lost income due to injury, or having to home-school your children?
  • … or are you a public servant wanting to protect your constituents?
  • … or a scientist or doctor who know the effects first-hand?

Whatever your experience, please file a constructive, fact-based comment to build the formal public record. Include your credentials where applicable.

ART provides additional tips and insights here.

Every voice, every comment sent in, strengthens the public record and empowers the FDA to do a formal review. Please click the button below to fill out an easy comment form today.

Thank you, Americans for Responsible Technology,
for leading the way — and thanks to each of you for
taking a few minutes to help!

Submit Comment

What does the science say today? See the many studies cited from pages 113 to 136 of ART’s Petition for Imminent Hazard Rulemaking.

Thanks for doing your part today, please encourage others to submit comments too! Feel free to share ART’s social media posts as well.

Cece & the MA for Safe Technology Team

Cecelia (Cece) Doucette, MTPW, BA
Technology Safety Educator
Director, Massachusetts for Safe Technology
Founder, Understanding EMFs
Education Services Director, Wireless Education
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TechSafe Schools
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City of Boston Legal Comment to FCC
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