World EHS Day!

Please join Massachusetts for Safe Technology & Courtney Gilardi on June 16, 2022, 8pm EST on Zoom or by phone for a forum to honor World EHS Day: Voices of the Invisible Made Visible.

EHS, or Electromagnetic Sensitivity is an environmentally induced illness from today’s wireless technology. Scientists indicate with our growing electro-smog that up to 30% of children and adults (and pets) are experiencing symptoms. This invisible illness often begins with insomnia, headaches, nausea, anxiety, depression, cognitive impairment and more.

Without proper care, understanding and treatment, continued exposure can lead to isolation, social withdrawal, job loss, housing instability, hopelessness, homelessness and suicide. On this global day of recognition for EHS, we listen to the stories of those injured, lift up their voices and list solutions for creating accessibility and justice for those affected.

Join us to celebrate the strength and resilience of the EHS community, to learn about this illness and engage in creating an equitable and inclusive world for all those who suffer.

Executive Director of Massachusetts for Safe Technology, Cecelia Doucette, will provide resources for those with electromagnetic illnesses and their loved ones, health care teams, municipal leaders, schools and legislators.

The French association, Coures’ de EHS (Hearts of EHS), founded by Magali Lesure, has promoted World EHS Day for the last five years as a way to support those with Electromagnetic Sensitivity, to create allies for those with this condition, and to recognize those who are missing from society due to EHS. The association’s goals are also to inform about the health risks generated by electro-smog and to help create policy change and protections.

When: Jun 16, 2022 08:00 PM Eastern

Register: or email for link.

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For more information on World EHS Day:

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