A Smokin’ Hot Story About Tinnitus Incidence and Treatments

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International with Marilynne Martin

Review: Global Pooled Prevalence of Tinnitus 14.4 Percent

This week, MedicalXpress reports, “Carlotta M. Jarach, from the Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri in Milan, Italy, and colleagues conducted an umbrella review followed by a traditional systematic review to provide frequency estimates of tinnitus worldwide.

“Generalizing our estimates to the whole global population, one can infer that more than 740 million people experience tinnitus and more than 120 million people worldwide have a severe form of tinnitus,” the authors write. “Such estimates place tinnitus at an order of magnitude similar to the leading causes of years lived with disability, namely, hearing loss, followed by migraine, low back pain, and neck pain.”

Informed Members of the Public Contacting Media About Microwave Hearing, Which is Not Tinnitus

A news article published in Spain about the tinnitus study noted, “About 14% (740 million) of the world’s adults have experienced hearing sounds in their ears or heads that did not come from an external source.”  “Ringing in your ears? About 750 million people have this perplexing condition, study says” was published by USA Today, and written by Christine Fernando, 

Members of the public have been contacting reporters about the question of microwave hearing sourced from an external exposure vs. tinnitus, including Sean Carney of Safe Tech International, and Michele Hertz of NYSUMA.

Marilynne Martin’s Response to Reporter Christine Fernando

Marilynne Martin, a leader in the Florida smart meter opposition movement, also contacted the USA Today reporter.

Ms. Fernando,

Is it tinnitus or is it microwave hearing? I would suggest you check out Frey’s work from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Microwave hearing is also known as the Frey effect. Servicemen complained of these noises in their ears after radar was put in on the bases.

But many do not know that the RF radiation guidelines approved by the FCC as well as ICNIRP (internationally) do not protect us from microwave hearing. This came up in the early 1990’s when the guidelines were being reviewed. Apparently the IEEE, engineers, didn’t think it was deleterious. See 1993 comment letter from the EPA, pdf page 9.

SOURCE: EPA Letter from Margo Ong (EPA) to the FCC on FCC 93-142 Environmental Effects of Radiofrequency 1993

In 2017, at an ITU conference in Poland, ICNIRP representative said this:

“So what evidence do we have of harm? Well unfortunately, curiously, we have still the effects of elevated temperature. We knew this very early on and we still know that. There is this phenomenon of microwave hearing, this hissing and popping sound that you can sometimes hear with pulsed fields. And we know at the lower end of the RF frequencies you can have actually stimulation of nerves and muscles. And also you can have very high fields electroporation. So there, as far as we are concerned, are the four intraction mechanisms that we have to deal with. Now I am going to take them almost in reverse order and do the last of those three first because we don’t think we are actually going to base the guidelines on them. We have talked about guidelines, we have already talked about microwave hearing in our guidelines before, we now actually feel that having a hissing or popping sound actually does require very very quiet conditions to hear it and is clearly a very localized thermal effect. As far as we can tell it is the fields are absorbed by tissues close to or in the inner ear and it sets up a pressure wave which is interpreted by the brain as actually being a sound. So again you hear this hissing clicking popping noise. But what we don’t consider is its harmful. So we are not going to have any specific restrictions based upon the avoidance of that noise.” 

 – Zenon Sienkiewicz, ICNIRP: A long and winding road: update of the ICNIRP draft HF guidelines, ITU Workshop on Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), December 5, 2017, Warsaw, Poland. 

He makes the statement at the 10-minute mark.

ITU Workshop on “5G, EMF & Health” – 05 Session 2 – YouTube

So there you have it. Load the environment with all kinds of RF and all kinds of different frequencies, closer and closer to humans. And determine it is not harmful. I could not imagine living the rest of my life with noises in my ear. Some people do and it drives them mad.

Another good one to research is “time averaging”. They say all this crap is “low powered” but what they don’t tell you is they time average things. So you get VERY POWERFUL and very short (fractions of a second) pulses but they time average it and say it is low.

Have a great day. Marilynne Martin, Venice, FL

The ICNIRP Cartel Determines Radio Frequency Exposure Guidelines

As researched by Else K. Nordhagen and Einar Flydal, “In March 2020, ICNIRP (the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) published a set of guidelines for limiting exposure to electromagnetic fields (100 kHz to 300 GHz).

 ICNIRP claims this publication’s view on EMF and health, a view usually termed “the thermal-only paradigm”, is consistent with current scientific understanding.

We investigated the literature referenced in ICNIRP 2020 to assess if the variation in authors and research groups behind it meets the fundamental requirement of constituting a broad scientific base and thus a view consistent with current scientific understanding, a requirement that such an important set of guidelines is expected to satisfy. To assess if this requirement has been met, we investigated the span of authors and research groups of the referenced literature of the ICNIRP 2020 Guidelines and annexes.

Our analysis shows that ICNIRP 2020 itself, and in practice all its referenced supporting literature stem from a network of co-authors with just 17 researchers at its core, most of them affiliated with ICNIRP and/or the IEEE, and some of them being ICNIRP 2020 authors themselves.

Moreover, literature reviews presented by ICNIRP 2020 as being from independent committees, are in fact products of this same informal network of collaborating authors, all committees having ICNIRP 2020 authors as members.

This shows that the ICNIRP 2020 Guidelines fail to meet fundamental scientific quality requirements and are therefore not suited as the basis on which to set RF EMF exposure limits for the protection of human health. With its thermal-only view, ICNIRP contrasts with the majority of research findings, and would therefore need a particularly solid scientific foundation. Our analysis demonstrates the contrary to be the case. Hence, the ICNIRP 2020 Guidelines cannot offer a basis for good governance.” See Self-Referencing Authorships Behind The ICNIRP 2020 Radiation Protection Guidelines

‘Tinnitus Treatment Breakthrough Achieved Using Smartphones to Rewire the Brain’

In other news, Tweaktown reported, “Tinnitus Treatment Breakthrough Achieved Using Smartphones.” ”Tinnitus, the sound of constant ringing or other noises in your ear, has been markedly improved by a new polytherapeutic approach using smartphones.”

“What this therapy does is essentially rewire the brain in a way that de-emphasizes the sound of the tinnitus to a background noise that has no meaning or relevance to the listener,” continued Dr. Searchfield.”

If a medical treatment involving a smart phone can re-wire the brain to determine what does and does not have meaning, all assumptions about the “thermal effect” being the only mechanism of action/harm are dead wrong.

The study in question is “A randomized single-blind controlled trial of a prototype digital polytherapeutic for tinnitus.”

One of the two authors “is a founder and scientific officer for TrueSilence a Spinout company of the University of Auckland and has a financial interest in TrueSilence.”

“The digital therapeutic consisted of an app for iPhone or Android smartphone, Bluetooth bone conduction headphones, neck pillow speaker, and a cloud-based clinician dashboard to enable messaging and app personalization. The control app was a popular self-help passive sound therapy app called White Noise Lite (WN). The primary outcome measure was clinically meaningful change in Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI) between baseline and 12 weeks of therapy.”

“Tinnitus is experienced to some degree by 5–43% of the population depending on definition and the population sampled  [ ] This false perception of sound can be annoying and can result in, or exacerbate, sleep, concentration, anxiety/depression, and hearing problems [ ] Understanding of tinnitus pathophysiology continues to evolve but in general terms, tinnitus can result from disordered or reorganized activity within and across several neural networks due to peripheral auditory deafferentation or head injury [ ]. Tinnitus magnitude is a complex interaction between detection of the signal, presence of external sound, and influences of attention, memory and emotion [ ] Psychosocial factors including personality and environment affect the expression and degree of tinnitus severity [ ] Tinnitus has unusual perceptual features; it is an unreal or phantom perception which may explain its salience and why distress networks are recruited [ ] “

A Few Things Inquiring Minds Want to Hold in Their Heads

Microwave hearing is not tinnitus from an unknown source, or phantom sound. The extent to which reports of tinnitus and accompanying symptoms would be reduced if the incidence of microwave hearing was investigated and addressed is unknown.

“Polytherapeutic Treatments” that include the use of a smartphone may or may not require the use of a smartphone, and might also be successful using hard wired connections, especially where earphones are in use. The smartphone may or may not actually be responsible for the success of the polytherapeutic treatment. Smartphone use should not be conflated with internet access and connectivity.

Humanity has a pattern, for example, with medications and agriculture, of throwing more of the same (more meds, more chemicals) at challenges, instead of addressing causes or considering long term effects. The long-term effects of “Bluetooth bone conduction headphones” are not known.

Deaths due to neurological illnesses are skyrocketing. Regarding the promise of a product “rewiring the brain,” modern society seemingly does not know how to protect the brain, or the blood brain barrier. Alan Frey’s research on the blood brain barrier was halted. The military efforts to replicate his work were fraudulent. Speaking of the military, what about Havana Syndrome?  

In “the Alphabet vs .the Gooddess” Leonard Shlain proposed that the process of learning alphabetic literacy rewired the human brain, with profound consequences for culture.

Was it the phone that treated the tinnitus? If a smartphone can re-wire a brain in a medical application, a smartphone could begin to alter the values and consciousness of humanity.

Oh, wait, we’re already there.

Let’s proceed with a clear distinction between phantom sound and invasive microwave frequencies. and more opinions about whether or not microwave hearing hurts – beyond seventeen collaborators blocking the evolution of safety, science, medicine, environmental stewardship, and human rights.

Source of top image quote and left graphic: https://tobacco.stanford.edu/

Source of right image: https://www.tweaktown.com/news/87925/tinnitus-treatment-breakthrough-achieved-using-smartphones/index.html

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