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With prayers for peace, and safe technology

Please come see us at the Children’s Health Defense Annual Conference in Savannah, Georgia Nov 3-5. Tickets still available both for in person or online.

Update: Documentary Film Remembering Nearfield Continues to Receive Acclaim and Awards, Worldwide

The documentary film Remembering Nearfield continues to receive awards at film festivals worldwide. See the most recent developments here, and at the end of this newsletter.

Three Important Papers on EMR Health Impacts

Wireless technology is an environmental stressor requiring new understanding and approaches in health care
Electromagnetic signals from everyday wireless technologies are an ever-present environmental stressor, affecting biological systems. In this article, we substantiate this statement based on the weight of evidence from papers collated within the ORSAA database (ODEB), focusing on the biological and health effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation. More specifically, the experiments investigating exposures from real-world devices and the epidemiology studies examining the effects of living near mobile phone base stations were extracted from ODEB and the number of papers showing effects was compared with the number showing no effects.”

The European Union assessments of radiofrequency radiation health risks – another hard nut to crack (Review) by Nyberg, McCredden and Hardell
The authors discuss how the European Union is violating several of its own foundational laws and principles to roll out 5G wireless technology. The health and well-being of children are not being protected. The new 2020 International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and the Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks (SCHEER, previously SCENHIR) guidelines do not consider babies or children as different from adults, and offer no special precautions to protect the former. The Precautionary Principle is not factored in by ICNIRP guidelines, which disregard non-thermal bioeffects, many of which can impact health over the long term.

Effects of Unregulated Digitalization on Health and Democracy; A Call for Using Technology with Discernment
A sober analysis of the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 shows that, in practice, people are getting left behind and harmed because of unregulated and unrestricted digitalization. Yet, from modern-day slaves and child workers mining the raw materials for end products under inhumane and partly deadly conditions to detrimental physical and mental health effects of certain technological products, the erosion of the essential right to privacy and informational self-determination, the flourishing of illegitimate data mining and biometric surveillance, ….This document provides an overview of aspects of the process of digitalization that negatively impact (public) health, essential human rights and democracy. It also contains policy recommendations to effectively address these issues and avert harm. Further, this document is meant to empower the reader to take informed decisions in their own every-day life when interacting with specific technologies and the effects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Newsletter, Cellular Phone Task Force, Oct 17, 2023 Global Extent of Bird Armageddon

Anders Brunstad alerted me to the installation of one of the most powerful radar
stations in the world on the Varanger Peninsula in Finnmark, Norway just before tens
of thousands of birds fell dead all over the peninsula. The southern and eastern
coasts of the peninsula also have 4G+ and, increasingly, 5G service, added recently.
At Ekkerøy Nature Reserve, on the southern coast of the peninsula, at least 15,000
endangered kittiwakes died at the end of July and beginning of August 2023. They
nest there in the summer on high cliffs where they are directly in the line of fire of
the radar, which is 50 kilometers away. The restaurant at Ekkerøy was forced to close
for the summer because it was “raining down” dead birds. The total population of
these seabirds in Norway was only about 50,000. Dead terns and other kinds of gulls
have also been collected. Half of the cranes at Ekkerøy have died.

“New Legal Challenge – UK Govt: Fail to Enact Public Health & Environmental Obligations Within European Electronics Communications Code”

UK campaigners filed a comprehensive 81-page submission with the UK government legal department on September 12th, 2023.

The submission, filed in letter before action format, challenges the government’s failure to enact the public health provisions within the European Electronics Communications Code (EECC). The EU Directive was transposed into UK Law in December 2020 without clarification of the role of local authorities in regulating involuntary exposure of radiofrequency radiation.

EMF Medical Conference 2021

Many thanks to Libby Kelley for conceiving this landmark Medical Conference (2021) and now making these 61 videos available at no charge!!!  View the sixty-one videos from the EMF Medical Conference 2021.

U.S. Federal Bills Promoting Wireless

The big boys are revving up for war where they will need super-fast wireless connectivity on Earth, in the sky and in the sea. 

Overview/Fact Sheet of Bills – Courtesy of Americans for Responsible Technology

Fact sheet on HR 3557 – Courtesy of Environmental Health Trust

List of Federal Bills – Environmental Health Trust

Send a letter to Congress now (online)

GIA – Latest Draconian Law Proposal from the EU about 5G Gigabit infrastructure Act (GIA) in the EU

Its full name is the Gigabit Infrastructure Act. The EU strategy is now to harmonize and make connectivity easy and smooth. All should be able to enjoy their “digital rights” meaning the “right” to be online 24/7. The law proposal aims to take responsibilities away from local authorities so they don’t need to worry about whether this is good or bad, legal or illegal, healthy or unhealthy.  

Read more HERE

Using Dead Birds as Drones

It seems nothing is sacred anymore, and that all life has been reduced to a resource for war or whatever. This hurts deeply.

Cell-site Simulators

Cell-site simulators, also known as Stingrays or IMSI catchers, are devices that masquerade as legitimate cell-phone towers, tricking phones within a certain radius into connecting to the device rather than a tower. 
Cell-site simulators operate by conducting a general search of all cell phones within the device’s radius, in violation of basic constitutional protections.  Law enforcement use cell-site simulators to pinpoint the location of phones with greater accuracy than phone companies. Cell-site simulators can also log IMSI numbers (unique identifying numbers) of all of the mobile devices within a given area. Some cell-site simulators may have advanced features allowing law enforcement to intercept communications or even alter the content of communications….

Read more HERE.

Valuable Info from Katie Singer for Internet Usage

The more data transmitted and stored, the more energy required. Since one second of video can contain 30 to 60 still images, streaming a video takes much more energy than downloading a photo, which requires more data (and therefore more energy) than transmitting voice, which takes more data and energy than text. One hundred text-only reports make up less than 9 megabytes (MBs) of data. One eight-minute video can take 30 MBs.”

“3G uses 15 times more energy than wired access. 4G consumes 23 times more energy than wired access. (Corcoran-2012; Huang-2013) Miguel Coma has written that 5G might be wonderful for private networks within a factory, say; but it’s unnecessary for public networks….

How/can we educate ourselves to think globally, locally and personally about energy use and technology?

Paul Brodeur The Original Microwave Pioneer Setting the Record Straight A Personal Tribute by Louis Slesin of Microwave News

After Paul Brodeur died in August, he was praised by the Washington Post and others for his investigative reporting on asbestos. His work on microwaves and power lines, on the other hand, was sharply criticized: He was accused of being alarmist and conspiratorial. I have written a personal tribute to Brodeur in the hope of setting the record straight. It’s a long read. If you stick with it, you’ll see that Brodeur got the facts right. Electromagnetic radiation can do more than simple heating. This has been known —but denied— for decades. As for links to cancer, they have grown stronger over the years. And yes, he was right about a cover-up. It continues today.

Microwave News | Paul Brodeur Microwave Pioneer

U.S. Military’s Policy of Full Spectrum Dominance – Webinar

When Full Spectrum Dominance (FSD) became U.S. Pentagon policy in 1997, we may have disagreed with their goals but we thought we knew what they meant: military power projection over 100% of the land, oceans, and air of the planet we all share, and outer space as well. But before long the quest for Full Spectrum Dominance would be expanded to include cyberspace. 

With the advent of the 21st century, Pentagon ambitions have been revealed as even more pervasive and chilling. It’s now clear that Full Spectrum Dominance extends to communications as a quest for Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority, to the information sphere and, not coincidentally, to controlling the public’s health practices. FSD includes the oceans and outer space where low earth orbit is rapidly filling with tens of thousands of U.S. satellites intended to crowd other nations out.

Surveilling Kids in Schools $3.1 Billion Industry

Technology surveillance companies that sell their products to school administrators are creating a “digital dystopia” for U.S. schoolchildren, a new American Civil Liberties Union report concluded.

The Technoskeptic: Big Tech is Becoming More Powerful Than Nation-States

The world’s biggest tech companies are now richer and more powerful than most countries.

An ‘AI Bill of Rights?’ Congress Members Call for Official Federal Policy

Amid the rapid development and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, a pair of Democratic U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday led more than a dozen of their colleagues in urging President Joe Biden to issue an executive order making the White House’s “AI Bill of Rights” official federal policy.

Prayers for Peace: Jerusalema

When emotions are too great for our vessel to contain or for words to convey, dancing, especially together, may help us process what we’re going through and begin healing.  

1. Dance challenge

2. Composer speaks

3. Text in English

4. Jerusalema around the world – mash-up

Mayaimer…who’s son was just murdered…begs the world to end war 

We are teetering on the brink of annihilation or exquisite coming together and healing the likes of which we’ve never known. Mayaimer chose. Which one will each of us choose?

Mayaimer…who’s son was just murdered…begs the world to end war.

Charles Eisenstein on Mayaimer’s video:

Latest Blogs by Safe Tech International’s Kate Kheel: Bringing Mindfulness into How We Integrate Technology into Our Civilization


Can our collective and individual consciousness expand faster than the speed of technological growth; and can we seed a wiser technology that con-serves (i.e. serves together with) all life? 

Right now, we are facing multiple threats, each of which alone could bring us to the brink of extinction. These range from nuclear war, to bioweapons, synthetic biology, insect decline, AI gone rogue, oceans that, according to predictions, will have more plastic than fish by 2050. And of course, the full throttle global push to connect to the internet every “thing”, being, place and event on Earth, in the sky, and in the ocean; not to mention gaming, social media, and the many other for-profit platforms designed to generate data, manipulate minds, and sell products. 

In much the way that tools increase the capabilities and reach of our bodies and minds – for e.g., a hammer affords the hand greater force – technology and AI extend the capabilities and reach, not just of a hand, but of our entire civilization. 

Technology and AI exponentialize and accelerate nearly all undertakings – good, bad, or other – that we humans engage in. Read more HERE.

Update: Remembering Nearfield’s Global Progress

Remembering Nearfield will be screened at the Mesa International Film Festival, Arizona – guide with screening times hereFilm Guide

And here: Events – Mesa International Film Festival

And here: Tickets for Mesa International Film Festival – FilmFreeway

Next Generation Indie Film Awards in Hollywood nominees, includes Remembering Nearfield nominated for Best Animated Short:

2023 Nominees – Next Generation Indie Film Awards

The Earl’s Court International Film Festival will be screening Remembering Nearfield, in the UK, London, November 13th 2023 – more info to come. Earl’s Court Film Festival and November 13 – Reserve your ticket for Soho screening of the best of Earl’s Court International Film Festival

Soho London Independent Film Festival 2024 will be screening Remembering Nearfield and holding a red carpet event and ceremony. More details and trailers, to come. Soho London Independent Film Festival

Remembering Nearfield will be screened at the Tees Valley International Film Festival red carpet event (featuring Robson Green) coming up, in the UK: TVIFF Showcase of Best Animation Selections – ARC | Stockton Arts Centre

Remembering Nearfield was nominated screened at the Wales International Film Festival in September and Wales International Film Festival

Remembering Nearfield was screened at the Dorking Film Festival in early October.

Remembering Nearfield was screened in Peru:

Remembering Nearfield was screened in MexicoSelection 2023

Remembering Nearfield was screened at Animanima

Remembering Nearfield won the award for Best Film on a Disability Issue The Grand Cine Carnival Maldives beating a disability film by British rock icon John Parr, which is an unusual achievement.

Remembering Nearfield won the award for Best Animated Film at the Aasha International Film Festival.

Remembering Nearfield was Finalist at the Lane Docfest: 2023 Selections – Lane Doc Fest

and…is being seen in Serbia, Novi Sad, in a great film festival about disability films:
Remembering Nearfield

Remembering Nearfield is a semifinalist in the AniMate – Australia Animation Film Festival. More to be announced. AniMate – Australia Animation Film Festival

Remembering Nearfield is a finalist (nominated for Best International Animation Short) in the Antakya (Antioch) International Film Festival, Turkey. Antioch was devastated by earthquakes recently, destroying much of the region. The film festival listings which include Remembering Nearfield have received astonishing press coverage there. 

Meral Orhansay’a Antakya Film Festivali’nde Onur Ödülü verilecek –

Uluslararası Antakya Film Festivali’nin 11’cisi Basına Tanıtıldı – Habere Güven

11.Uluslararası Antakya Film Festivali’nin Basın Toplantısı Gerçekleşti

Uluslararası Antakya Film Festivali’nin 11’cisi Basına Tanıtıldı – Kültür & Sanat – Kilis Postası

Uluslararası Antakya Film Festivali çadır Ve Konteynerlerde Gerçekleştirilecek

The Iconic Images Film Festival selected Remembering Nearfield for inclusion in the festival, for Best Animation Film, in October (though it did not win): Iconic Images Film Festival

Remembering Nearfield is also a finalist in the Sheffield Global Cinema Festival, nominated for Best Animation, 2023.

We are a voluntary association of individuals from around the world who have come together in an effort to support, encourage and help grow the safe technology movement and to encourage public participation in envisioning and ensuring a future that respects and protects all life. We support the global movement to rein in wireless expansion on Earth, in the skies and in the ocean because it poses an immediate threat to all life. We support safe wired technology for most internet and telecommunications needs and rely on evidence-based information and non-violent actions. – Safe Tech International

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