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EMF/RF/5G vs. The Penetrating Flow, to Restore One Perfect Planet’s Grace 

Image by 0fjd125gk87 from Pixabay

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International

In 2017, Blazepress compiled “20 Ridiculous Products That Should Never Have Been Made.”  The list includes diet water, condiments for dogs, alcohol free vodka, the I-potty (toilet training seat with mini touch pad), and a hairbrush with an i-phone holder.

Bored Panda published a list of “74 Failed Products That Made These Companies Regret Creating Them.” It includes purple ketchup; the Rejuvinate Facial Toning Mask (This creepy mask was intended to tighten facial muscles with… shock therapy. Consumers revealed that it feels as bad as it sounds); Hoverboards (…Because they could potentially catch fire and burn your house down); Google Glass (The device retailed for $1,500 and failed to carry out any of its intended functions well. These high-tech glasses also reportedly raised some very serious safety and privacy concerns); Jimmy Dean Chocolate Chip Pancake-Wrapped Sausage; R.J. Reynolds smokeless cigarette (The company invested $325 million into manufacturing their new Premier line which, according to the CEO of the company “tasted like sh*t”); the Segway; Mars Needs Moms, (Walt Disney, worst flop of 2011); Astro Pants – Lululemon (because consumers complained that their form-fitting pants were see-through); the Ford Pinto (the car is known for deadly fires related to rear-end collisions); Harley Davidson cologne; Eyetop Wearable Dvd Player, (designed to allow you to watch DVD’s on the go. A 320 x 240 pixel LCD screen mounted in the right eyepiece of the glasses was supposed to simulate a 14-inch screen. The product flopped as users began to complain of motion sickness)Bored Panda

Let’s agree that along the way, even though someone, somewhere, believed that they had a good idea, a lot of bad ideas hit the marketplace, some incredibly damaging and some even deadly.   

Many of the products did not do what they were supposed to do, at all.

Ridiculous Wi-Fi

The Environmental Health Trust has been accumulating a list of Ridiculous Wi-Fi Tech.


I hope that readers will take a look at the page.

And, I hope it makes readers start to feel somewhat sick… especially those who love women and the divine feminine, and those how love children, and those who love sentience in animals, and those who love nature, including instinct-injured ‘environmentalists’ beholden to ‘smart grids.’

The Evolutionary Impact of the Penetrating Flow

Thousands of years ago, seers in China who wanted to alchemize more skillfully with the universal energy field’s symmetry, balance, benevolence, and wisdom recognized that the human energy field possesses a pathway that registers discomfort, unease, and even disgust.

The pathway known as the “Penetrating Flow,” has an evolutionary purpose. It enables an individual to throw up after eating unsafe food. Instead of food following its normal pathway down and out, rebellious chi can discharge food up and over and out. This reaction can be lifesaving.

The Penetrating Flow contributes to the shock reaction, altering the distribution of energy in the brain to prioritize life-saving functions by shutting down digestion. (For example, peripheral vision is handy when hunting or being hunted, so is the ability to run.)

We Have Broken This Radiant Circuit in Ourselves. We Can Fix it.

Donna Eden, who can “see” energy, categorizes the Penetrating Flow as a “Radiant Circuit’ that can be switched on as needed (unlike the Meridians, which are choreographed by the sun.) Translated from Chinese, Radiant Circuits are usually called “Strange Flows.”

Bring more Radiance into your life with the Penetrating Flow Exercise!

Do you feel low, depressed and lifeless? Do you want to lift your attitude to one of a joyous nature? Join Titanya and trace your Penetrating Flow! If practiced regularly, it can bring a spark into your energy. Titanya is the daughter of holistic healer, Donna Eden. Titanya has created Energy Medicine Dance. Visit her website for more information. www.EnergyMedicineWoman.com

Cues About Paradigms of Abuse

The Penetrating Flow can be activated when a person ‘falls in love.’

It also enables humans to feel uncomfortable in the presence of something seemingly benign, yet dangerous.

Many individuals who were directly involved in the abuse scandals that rocked the Catholic Church did not pay attention to warning signs, even though they felt the discomfort, back in the day.  

They lived to regret not listening to the still, small voice inside, because if they had paid heed, they could have prevented untold harm.

We’re there, again.

There are many historical examples of harmful products assumed to be safe, chronicled in Late Lessons from Early Warnings.

We can develop the parts of the brain and psych, again, that allow us to access and act on the cues that our physiology provides, even though the signals and feedback loops are being scrambled by toxic exposures, including wireless.

We can register and comprehend the betrayal trauma that is unfolding, as the result of lies being told to us, lies we tell ourselves, and lies we tell others. In particular, the lies about wireless safety.

We can recognize patterns of control, masquerading as freedom.

Targeting Parenting, Women, and Children

A society or an individual with a healthy Penetrating Flow and a grounded sense of the relationship between humans and the natural electromagnetic environment feels a mounting sense of dis-ease when realizing the extent to which parenting has been transformed into a demand for wireless data, and how many products target women.

As the list of ridiculous Wi-Fi tech grows, I pray that readers feel sickened.

From wireless pelvic floor training to the wireless menstrual cup to the wireless pregnancy test to the smart breastfeeding monitor to the smart tampon to the wearable wireless breast pump, women are encouraged to partner with artificial frequencies and the cloud, The misdirection away from mind-body-spirit integration and the physicality of presence and loving relationship with oneself and others, including one’s infant, is being directed to a dependency bond with one’s cellphone.

These decisions ‘for tech and meds, and against touch’ are altering the neurophysiology and endocrine balance of the species.

For one thing, we are dying out of minds, at astronomical rates, due to dementias.

Our beds may be smart and connected but our brains are being decimated.

Women devoid of direct intimacy with their own physiology, including the impact of the moon on menstruation and the effect of wireless on brain function, are then encouraged to buy smart pacifiers; smart diapers; and a Smart Swaddle to monitors a baby’s breathing, rollover, temperature, and alert for no breathing movement, stomach sleeping, overheating, and getting cold.

My friend, who worked for Doctors Without Borders, described how mothers in some African countries carry a small rag. They are aware of when their children are going to relieve themselves in advance, because of a direct living intimacy between mother and child.

I would like to imagine that these cultures are sustaining an exquisite sense of body awareness and skillful, joyful intimacy for the species that is being lost in economies valuing the production of sex robots. Engineers who view the skin as an inanimate layer rather than as living intelligence are making policy decisions about 5G.

Love has been repackaged as an unrelenting demand for data, control, and surveillance, and an unyielding portrayal of “safety,” equated with transmitting and receiving data wirelessly.  

The instinct towards connection is being redirected towards a desire to consume endless energy and resources, far beyond the obvious examples of alcohol and fast car advertising laden with innuendo.

“Smart” Sociopathy and Tobacco Science

The beliefs that ‘smart city’ tech, (devoid of wisdom and used to create decision-based evidence-making) or the claim that 5G is sustainable (it is an energy hog) and the idea that wireless surveillance somehow enhances safety, (for example, wireless baby monitors powered by a toxin that breaches the blood brain barrier) has hijacked human intelligence and reason.  

Citizens who feel sickened testifying before decision makers are accurately describing the physicality that accompanies being in the presence of lies and liars.

Disgust and the inability to digest what is being presented is a life-saving capacity. The Penetrating Flow is sounding the need for caution.

These are very dangerous dynamics, where unsafe mercenary science is accepted, valued, and promoted. Much of the data that is being produced by new infrastructure generates lies and more control, including lies about safety and sustainability.

“You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” – Rumi

Instead of developing intuition and inborn guidance systems, humanity’s intimate lives are being invaded, altered, and traded in a perverse marketplace now leading towards an artificial Metaverse.

Rather than cultivating the extraordinary sensory system and skill set (as did the ancient Indian and Chinese cultures), humans are being groomed to build a dependence on technologies devoid of relationship with cosmic Light.

As humans become increasingly illiterate in the laws of energy that inhabit their own physicality, they are losing their direct connection to the Land itself.

An antidote: https://learnyourland.com/

One way that purple ketchup and blue and black cola and Cheetos flavored lip-balm ended up being removed from the marketplace is that consumers voted with their dollars.

But when governments are in the business of removing obstacles from an industry that is causing harm, and disempowering the public, the system of checks and balances is broken.

There’s a dark Christmas Carol about Grandma getting run over by a reindeer, and some of the lyrics go like this:

Art Courtesy Floris Freshman

Grandma, human rights, and the environment are being run over by grotesque applications of wireless technology run amok, being used in frivolous, unsafe and irresponsible ways. Listen to your body, and to women reporting harm.

Protecting Our Oceans and the Environment from 5G

At the solstice of 2021, news of the “Internet of Underwater Things” revealed the assault taking place in the planet’s oceans.

Nearly a year later, in 2022, MSN reported “Astronomers Worldwide Troubled by New ‘Cell Phone Towers in Space”

 “AST SpaceMobile CEO Abel Avellan said in a statement earlier this month the goal is to build a constellation that will eliminate mobile dead zones on Earth. “Every person should have the right to access cellular broadband, regardless of where they live or work. Our goal is to close the connectivity gaps that negatively impact billions of lives around the world.””

Please be troubled.

It is a fatal error to confuse the benefits of internet connectivity with wireless coverage.

“Eliminating mobile dead zones on earth” will negatively impact, and not “save,” billions of lives, and not only humans.

It will result in a dead planet.

An economy that thrives on the cultivation of fear is a death economy.

The unyielding demand for wireless is a cultivated greed.

Wireless is not needed, at all, where humans live, work, learn, and access medical care. Hard wired connections that contain the transmissions within cables and wires meet most needs.

There is a difference between a need, and an unrelenting hunger that can never be satisfied by empty artificial means, especially those that foster addiction.

Valuing “the right to access cellular” over the right to access the exquisite balance created by the life-sustaining frequencies of the earth’s natural electromagnetic energies is a dead end.

Informed uneasiness is a form of consciousness. Stay with it.

For the love of all that is held dear, including our ancestors, our descendants, one another, and the natural world that we co-evolved with, we need to change course.

The Persian poet Rumi wrote, “These pains you feel are messengers, Listen to them.” “The injury is the location where the light enters you.”

I’m begging.

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